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The Ultimate Selfie Guide To Cartagena Colombia

Ohhh baby, I am flying high looking at my photos from the weekend trip to Cartagena Colombia. After not seeing my boyfriend for three months I decided that Medellin wasn’t going to cut it, and that we needed somewhere a bit more romantic. Think fancy spas, boutique hotels with open terraces, and wine paired dinners….. all while walking through cobble stoned streets?? Cue Cartagena Colombia. Basically a travelling couple’s paradise.

Cartagena Colombia Cartagena Colombia

Instagramming in Cartagena Colombia

Not only did Cartagena provide the chance to eat gourmet meals and sip on fancy artisanal cocktails, it was the perfect chance for me to get some good Instagram shots.

Cartagena Colombia is the best place on earth to help capture your best side. The place is made for selfies. I recommend waking up as early as possible to beat the crowd, and catch some gorgeous lighting. You’ll have the best time walking around the colourfully painted buildings and choosing the perfect backdrop. Plus it’s not super weird or anything because everyone else is doing it. You know those Instagram travel accounts that seem to always feature a gorgeous woman wearing equally gorgeous clothes, in an even MORE gorgeous place? Ya guaranteed half those photos are from Cartagena. Leave the Birkenstocks and Chaang singlet at home, pack something cute and snap until your heart is content!

Cartagena Colombia Cartagena Colombia

Recommendations in Cartagena Colombia

I recommend staying in the old walled city! In fact, that’s all I recommend doing. After speaking to some local gals they agreed that although they love their home town, the old city is the best place for tourists to experience. Cartagena is best done over a weekend, which means that you can take advantage of the pricier boutique hotels and amazing food choices. Check out my recommendations (here) on where to eat,stay, and play!

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Posted 28 December 2016

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