Destinations to Visit Whilst You're Young, Free and Single

Guest Post from Jessica, blogger at Journeys With Jessica

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Ah, the lonely hearts club. The single girls club. The all by myself club. If you’re one of the only people out of your ENTIRE friendship group who is still single (yep, I’m right here) then you’ll feel a little down in the dumps when it comes to travel at this time of year. Christmas has been and gone, but the dreaded Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your Facebook feed will be filled with selfies from cheesy couples wanting to show off the latest gifts they lovingly bought each other on the most special day of the year. Am I making you want to reach for the sick bucket yet? I thought so! If, like me, you’re happily unattached and travel the world independently, here are a few destinations you might want to add to your bucket lists...

Las Vegas, USA

The party capital of the world and arguably one of the best places for a girls holiday, Vegas is up first on my list. Pool parties, all night raves, casinos, dj sets and concerts - Sin City has it all. Recreate scenes from The Hangover (if you dare) and you'll be sure to have an unforgettable trip! But remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

Prague, Czech Republic

A backpackers haven, Prague is one of the most popular cities in Europe and is perfect for single/solo travellers. Food, alcohol and accommodation are all super cheap and there's hundreds of things to see and do. I've travelled to Prague twice now, being single both times, and it's one of my favourite places to make new friends and take part in new experiences.

London, UK

My capital city features on this list purely because of how easy it is to feel like you fit in, no matter where you're from. London is so huge and so diverse that you'll feel at home pretty much anywhere and it's great for people travelling alone who want to make friends with fellow travelers from all ages and backgrounds.

Miami, USA

Like Vegas but not as crazy, Miami is also up there as one of the worlds best party capitals. It's beachfront location gives it that laid back feel whilst still being fun for all who visit. Hop over to Little Havana for a taste of Cuba while you're there, or a beach party will be sure to help you meet fellow travellers if you're travelling alone, or with the girls if you're single.

Bali, Indonesia

The only place on this list that I haven't been to yet, but it's definitely somewhere I want to visit in the next couple of years!! Bali is the place to be if you want all night parties, beach events and more. Bali attracts visitors of all ages but is great for young solo/single travellers looking to have a once in a lifetime adventure.

These are just 5 of many different destinations to visit whilst you’re young, free and single, and I’m pretty sure you’d have an amazing time no matter what time of year you visited. Why go away as part of a couple, when you can have the time of your life on your own? Obviously these places can be visited with friends or as part of a large group, but they aren’t well known for being the tacky, romantic cities that most couples know and love. Here’s to riding solo in 2018!


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Posted 16 January 2018

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