Discover The History of Hotels With

Discover The History Of Hotels With

In this blog, TransferTravel will take you back in time to discover the history of the hotel. From biblical times to present day, it is evident that the human race love to offer guests hospitality, it’s in our nature. The act of peacemaking and providing comfort to those visiting foreign land is what the tourist industry is built up of today – how magical!          

Since the beginning of time, travelling to other places for food, religion and business has been apart of human kind. The first hotels were basically the same as the AirBnB concept, private homes that were opened up to the public. These homes didn’t have a rating out of five or an option to leave reviews and if they did, they would have received a poor reputation as they were usually stables for travellers to rest their heads.

Before hotels, these homes were called Inn’s. The first permanent hotels were built in the year 1200, an early example being the L’Auberge Cour Saint Geoges in Ghent, Belgium and The Angel Inn in Lincolnshire, UK. The Angel started out as a hostel built by the Knights Templar in 1203 and was run by the Knights until 1312. Did you know that a number of English royals stayed at The Angel? King John, Edward III and Queen Phillippa.

Throughout most of the 17th century, hotels took the form of coaching inns, a place for lodging for coach travellers, providing a refuge to revitalise a tired team of horses with a fresh team for the rest of their travels.

After the 17th century, Inns began to take in a richer clientele and in 1770 the first hotel was built in Exeter and their first advertisement went out stating, “New Coffee-house Inn, and Tavern, Or, The Hotel, In St Peter’s Church-Yard, Exeter”. This ad went down in history as the first use of the word ‘hotel’ in England.

Next on the hotel scene was the Mivart’s Hotel, it opened in 1812 and later transformed into what we know now to be Claridge’s (bet you didn’t know that!) The hotel scene built up rapidly after the Mivart and in the 19th Century, hotels that we are still familiar with now were built, the Savoy Hotel and the Ritz chains.

So, there you have it! If anyone ever asks you how the first hotel came about, you now know. The team found it particularly interesting that an AirBnB is basically the first concept of a hotel!

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