How is Easter Celebrated Around The World?

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How have you celebrated Easter this year? If you are like us, you have probably just ended up eating too many chocolates, maybe even after a big family meal... But Easter, just like Christmas, is a religious holiday widely celebrated around the World, and traditions largely vary between countries. So next year, why not take yourself on a little trip abroad, and celebrate Easter like the locals do? TransferTravel made for you a list of some of the biggest Easter celebrations in the World.

Easter Celebrations In Spain

In Spain, Easter is celebrated during one whole week, and everybody takes part, one way or another, in the celebrations and traditions. If you can expect some kind of party (or shall I say, “fiesta”) in every city and every town, with drum beats, colourful flowers and religious sculpture day and night, the celebrations will vary from one region of Spain to another. If you are more a music kind of person, you can enjoy the Religious Music Week Festival in Cuenca, where most concerts are taking place in churches. Seville is also known for its astonishing parade throughout the little streets of the old town.

Easter Celebrations In Poland

Easter in Poland also lasts for a week, from Palm Sunday (one week before Easter Sunday), until Wet Monday. On Easter Sunday, baskets of food such as boiled eggs, cold meat and a cake in form of a lamb to symbolise Christ, are taken to church to be blessed, and are then consumed as part of the Easter meal. On Easter Monday, also called Wet Monday, boys try to drench girls with buckets of water (according to traditions, that means she will get married within the year). Although, in reality, the roles are often reversed and you do not have to be a girl to get a bucket of water spilt on your head on that day.

Easter Celebrations In Brazil

Brazil has one of the largest catholic population in the World. Celebrations and processions are a huge part of the Holy Week. On top of the celebrations in churches and parades in the streets, Easter in Brazil has a lot of special traditions. On Holy Thursday, for example, twelve people, from various social classes, have their feet washed by priests during a special celebration. The night before Easter Sunday, inhabitants of some cities leave flour, coffee, flowers and wood shaving on the pavement, to create a carpet for the procession to walk on the day after.

Easter Celebrations In Sardinia

Easter in Sardinia begins on the Friday before Palm Sunday, with the sacred Procession of the Mysteries leaving from San Giacomo square, in Cagliari. The procession of the Seven statues, dating from the 18th century, goes around the city and stops in seven different churches. Celebrations and parades last for one week, in every city and town, and end on the Saturday with fireworks.

Easter Celebrations In Norway

If you are a ski or snowboard fan, Norway might just be your next destination for Easter. Because Easter also coincides with the return of Spring, and thus, the end of the long Winter, many Norwegians take the opportunity to celebrate Easter with snow activities. Easter is also traditionally the time when Norwegians change the house decoration into something more spring-ish. And on top of the traditional festivities and parades, people in Norway enjoy a good crime story, whether it is through a book or one of the numerous crime series on TV; it is tradition.


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Posted 14 April 2017

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