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Epic Airfare Deals To The U.S.

1. Gatwick to Los Angeles returning from San Francisco Departing September 15th £700

This flight is from London Gatwick to LA and returning from San Francisco.

Message from the seller: “My partner is now pregnant and we have decided not to go! We also have a pair of tickets for universal studios in LA if interested.”

2. Manchester to San Francisco Fights x 2 Departing August 31 £799.96

This flight is leaving August 31 from Manchester to San Fran returning September 10th back to Manchester with Thomas Cook Airlines.

Message from the seller: “Booked 2x adult flights back in April but infor had an accident a week later and doesn’t look like I will be able to travel. Will cover the cost of name changes.”

3. Cologne/ Bonn Miami, Florida Flight Tickets for 3 people €1500

This flight is from Cologne Germany to Miami Florida U.S. for 2 people Departing August 18th and returning September 9th.

Message from the seller: “Unfortunately, we can not make our planned trip and would like to pass on the booked flights cheaply.”

4. Dublin to New York City Departing August 1st for 2 People £640

This flight is from Dublin Ireland returning New York for 2 people with Aer Lingus. Baggage allowance of 23 kg.

Message from the seller: “Can no longer go due to work commitments. Please message me for further information”

5. Copenhagen Denmark to California Flight July 8th $800

This flight is from Copenhagen Denmark to California for 1 person with WOW Air.

Message from the seller: “Hey, I am planning to return to the states at a later date because I will possibly begin working in Denmark soon and will have to relocate here. So I don’t need this ticket right now.”

6. Dublin to San Diego Flights Departing October 1st £295

This flight is from Dublin Ireland to San Diego US for 1 person with British Airways in economy. Departing October 1 returning October 9th.

Message from the seller: “Heading over for a “lads festival” until I found the girl of my dreams Can’t go on this tour, leave the past to the past”

7. Belfast to New York City Departing July 27th $200

This flight is from Belfast Northern Ireland to New York City with Norwegian Air leaving on July 27th. This flight has a savings of 47%.

8. London to Los Angeles Flight for 1 Departing September 5th $400

This flight is from London to Los Angeles Departing Sept. 5th with Norwegian Air with an allowance of 20 kg.

Message from the seller: “I have to rebook a flight since I have to go home earlier than planned for a visa appointment. However, I booked a nonrefundable flight. It is an amazing deal with carry on 10kg luggage AND 20 kg check-in luggage included. Straight, non-stop 10 hour flight.”

9. Berlin to New York City Flight for 1 Departing August 16th

This flight is from Berlin Germany to New York City leaving August 16th with United Airlines and a baggage allowance of 22 kg.

Message from the seller: “Hi everyone! I’m a college student who wants to sell her spot from Berlin, Germany to Newark, New Jersey USA! My flying plans have changed and I could really use the money to fund my next destination!”

10. Amsterdam to San Francisco Flight for 1 Departing September 19th €350

This flight is from Amsterdam (Schiphol) to San Francisco departing September 19th with WOW Air with a baggage allowance of one personal item.

Message from the the seller: “One way ticket from Amsterdam to San Francisco on 19th Sept 2017. It is possible to negotiate the price!!”

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