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At TranfserTravel we provide a platform for people to buy and sell travel tickets that they can no longer use. Since people selling their tickets are usually forced to because of unforeseen circumstances they are not looking to make a profit on their tickets. We encourage everyone to provide a discount actually on their tickets to encourage buyers.

TransferTravel is focussed massively on solving the problem of unwanted travel plans going to waste. We believe that for every ticket wasted there is someone else looking for that exact one and that no hotel room or flight seat should go to waste just because the airline or hotel has a strict cancellation policy. We think that for every person that is selling a ticket that there is someone who can benefit from helping buy a ticket that is unwanted in The Travel Marketplace.

We know that you are interested in ethical marketplaces and giving a voice to the underdog as well because you are reading this. Instead of money falling into the hands of corporations and large travel conglomerates the ticket goes to use fairly. The money stays in the economy and the local.

There are so many other ethical peer to peer  marketplace that we think are doing amazing things. Olio is an amazing example of a company doing their best to put a stop to wasted food. Their app connects people with local business that have food that might otherwise go to waste if not used by someone. They believe that small actions can lead to large change and the power of humanity can help put a stop to wasted food. So far they have helped 400,000 pieces of food not go to waste and 260,000 have joined their revolution.

Twickets is a fair to fans marketplace that allows individuals to sell tickets at face value. They are a peer to peer buying and selling platform that is for the fans by the fans.
Characteristics Of An Ethical Peer to Peer Marketplace

  1. Supply Is Not Centralised & Controlled By One Person, It's Always Changing & Is Fresh & New

The listings that you see on TransferTravel are from real people who booked trips, bought tickets or secured holidays but can no longer go. We see this as the ultimate curated list of travel plans! These are travel plans, airline tickets, hotel bookings or holidays that people have already felt confident enough to buy. They would have done research and found the best price. For whatever reason they can no longer go, although most of the time they wish they could. This is where the seller can come in and find that amazing deal thy may not have found just searching thousands and thousands of listings on a generic travel site.
2. You Are Making Transactions With Real People

People are usually selling under circumstance such as the dates not working out anymore, their travel partner backing out or something else that prevents them from going. Instead of cancelling the ticket and being charged a large fee or not being able to cancel at all they now have the great opportunity to sell their ticket to someone else who really wants it.

We see it as a win-win and a new way to look at buying a holiday or hotel bookings at a true last minute cost. The cost is set by the individual not the airline or hotel. You can feel confident that your ticket is a good deal because the seller has motivation to sell their ticket.

Sellers often reduce the sale price to encourage buyers. We see this transaction as a win, win, win where the hotel or airline has a paying customer and someone to fill their seat or bed. The seller who can no longer go gets money back that they spent on the ticket they can no longer use and the buyer gets a travel deal they can feel confident about.
3. While Someone Has Secured The Pre-Paid Price You Have The Opportunity To Buy Closer To The Date

After searching for their ultimate holidays or best flight route the seller would have secured the best price usually booking months in advance. The buyer has the great opportunity to come in last minute and buy at that amazing price that they would not be able to find at that moment in time looking for a ticket so close to departure date. We have plans to offer more refined searching features for people looking for travel plans departing within the next two weeks, three weeks, month and so on.

While other peer to peer marketplaces exist some are not truly peer to peer. We believe in people and keeping that at the core of the transaction and marketplace for authenticity and transparency. Everyday you trust people who you interact with face to face, so why not someone who is genuinely trying to get their  money back for the flight or hotel they can no longer use. In future we are finding ways to build more and more trust within our community of users through our website. Adding a photo and filling out as many details and you can builds trust with another user and makes your listing more appealing to potential people thinking about contacting you and buying.

If you haven’t already take a moment to browse our listings and see for yourself the amazing deals that you can find from other genuine sellers. (I suggest checking out the Iceland, Northern Lights tour…I have a feeling it is going to be gone soon because I want to buy it.) Stay tuned for some amazing new changes around the site as well. We are just getting started and we are very glad you are here!


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Posted 14 December 2017

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