Expedia's Cancellation Policies | What You Can Do With Your Booking

Expedia.com is a travel aggregator that curates and sells flights, hotels, vacations, cruises, car rentals and insurance for travel. They are based in the United States and one of the largest travel sites in the world.

In this blog we will cover their cancellation policies and what you can do if you cannot cancel your Expedia booking. TransferTravel.com offers the unique alternative to sell your travel booking that you cannot use by changing the name and transferring the travel to someone else. TransferTravel.com committed to reducing wasted travel plans and revolutionizing the travel industry.
Expedia Flight Bookings

To cancel your flight with Expedia you must login to your personal account with Expedia.com and click on "My Trips". From there you can click on  "My Trips" and choose your travel itinerary. In order to cancel choose the flight that you wish to cancel and click "Manage Booking" and then "Cancel Flight"

You may also wish to call a customer service representative from Expedia.com to cancel your flight.

Expedia.com will likely let you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking for free if you have made a mistake and wish to cancel quickly after purchasing your flight.

Some airlines which are booked through Expedia.com are non-refundable and do not allow you to cancel your flight for your money back. Some airlines who do not let you cancel will give you vouchers to use at another time as compensation.

Some airlines allow name changes so you can sell and transfer your booking to someone else. So even if your flights won't allow a refund they are highly likely to allow name changes on these bookings which means you can list, sell and transfer your flight on TransferTravel.com thus getting money back that would have otherwise been wasted.

Expedia Hotel Booking

If you want to try and cancel your hotel booking that you have with Expedia you need to sign into your personal account on their website. From there you can click on  "My Trips" and click on your travel itinerary. In order to cancel choose the hotel booking that you wish to cancel and click "Manage Booking" and then "Cancel Room".

If you cannot cancel your room you can change the name on the booking and sell it on TransferTravel.com to someone else looking for a great deal.

You can change your hotel booking by signing into your account and viewing your "upcoming" travels. From there in the hotel overview you can select "change" where you can change your reservation. Some bookings cannot be changed because of the hotels policy and you must cancel and rebook. You can change the name on most hotel bookings at no cost through the hotel overview in your account.
Don't Cancel, Sell & Transfer Your Booking

When you're not booking directly with an airline you are subject to fees associated with cancelling, rebooking and speaking with agents over the phone or through your online booking platform. If you find the cancellation fees unfair or worse you won't be able to receive anything back for your booking do not worry that is why TransferTravel was created. We offer the opportunity for you to sell and transfer your booking that you cannot use.

Our top tips for buying & selling with TransferTravel.com


Posted 8 June 2018

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