Facebook Marketplace - To Be or Not To Be?

A month ago Facebook Marketplace was the talk of the social media town with everyones eyes waiting for the little marketplace icon to appear in our apps… a month later and we are still waiting.

Working for a travel marketplace we knew we had to get onto this new feature and become the master of all masters, however we are still figuring out where this app is and what impact it has on the buy/sell community - if any?

We all know of the local buy & sell Facebook pages, these are now well established ‘go to’ places for the community to get rid of all their unwanted ‘treasures’ . For all those looking for/or waiting for that perfect wardrobe, the new family run around, the last figurine to their limited edition collection - you name it, its on there!

Zuckerberg noted the demand and decided that THE marketplace had to be set up once and for all on his social site, the question is, was this necessary… or was it done just to make life that little bit easier?

It is obvious that the future for all successful marketplaces are peer-to-peer platforms, the personal profile sites that allow a connection and a relationship to be built between buyers & sellers. Peer-to-peers build trust within the community amongst themselves, sites just like transfertravel.com, Airbnb and Etsy, have been constructed around specific niches and flourished with users all focused on the same goals. These established platforms make Facebook Marketplace look a bit like a car boot sale, turn up and hope that the things you are looking for become available to purchase. The uncertainty of finding what you are looking for puts most people off scrolling through the hundreds of listings, that are of no interest to you whatsoever, that you have to weed through to find what it is you are looking for.
Can Facebook Marketplace take off?

Can it become the core for all buy & sell?

It would make life easier to have the one marketplace to capture all niches which then directed you to specific pages. A place for homes to be listed as available to use as a B&B, flight tickets that are available to be transferred and all them hand crafted interior accessories to be showcased, but that’s the opposite of what the marketplace has invented itself as - thats why these peer-to-peer platforms have to exist. For us, Facebook is just another marketing tool, a way to shout about our website and the services we have to offer.

So for all them flights booked that you are unable to board and them hotels that you can no longer stay at, transfertravel.com is the marketplace to list all unwanted travel bookings to our international audience of buyers looking for last minute options that would be other wise wasted.

Cancellations turn to opportunities and we are there for when you need our services- no Facebook filtering required.



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Posted 7 November 2016

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