What To Do With Festival & Camping Plans You Can No Longer Use

Everyone loves festivals and camping especially in the summer!  But what happens when you can no longer go? Where do you go and where can you potentially sell your reservations and travel plans around the festival.


Can I Really Sell Pre-Booked Festival & Camping?

Yes, you may be able to transfer and sell your festival and camping bookings on TransferTrael.com. TransferTravel is the dedicated platform for buying and sell all different kinds of travel plans that can no longer be used. You should contact your ticket provider to see if you the tickets and reservations for travel can be changed and transferred.

Where Can I Sell My Festival & Camping?

You may be able to use TransferTravel.com to sell your travel plans, if you plans are transferrable in name. We are a secure platform that brings together buyers and sellers and offers people a place to find amazing deals on festivals and reservations.

Will I Make Any Money Back On My Festival and Camping Plans?

How much money you make back from your festival and camping is up to you. You as the seller get to set your price so you determine how much you make back. This is great because buyers can get incredible deals. We do encourage people to set fair prices to makes things ethical in the travel marketplace.

What Should I Include In My Ad?

Include as much as you can in your ad when you are listing your festival and camping. Add a description and title that says exactly what you are selling. We also suggest that you tell people why you are selling your festival ticket and camping plans. This helps build a connection with the buyer.

Can I Definitely Change The Names On My Festival & Camping Tickets?

You will most likely be able to change the name on your festival and camping ticket but the best thing is to check with your travel provider and with whom you bought the tickets from. We can't tell you for sure whether you can change the name on your ticket or not but wherever you bought the ticket, they can tell you for sure. Most tickets are transferrable and more and more every day are being able to change the name.

What About Name Change Fees For Festivals and Camping?

There probably won't be any name change fees for changing the name on a festival or camping ticket.

 How Does The Transfer Process Work?

On TransferTravel.com once your listing sells on TransferTravel.com you will be connected with the buyer. Once you are,  you need to ask for their personal details so you can make the appropriate changes to the tickets and make the name change official. Once you are connected with the buyer you have 72 hours to upload your new documents. Once you upload the documents and after the first 72 hours the buyer has 4 days to confirm with us that they have received the documents.



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Posted 14 March 2018

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