How To Sell My Festival Tickets & Camping

Summer means it's festival season, and if you're a music-lover, you probably bought your tickets months in advance — but what happens when you can no longer go? Most people take to Facebook or Craigslist to frantically find someone to take their ticket so they don't lose out on their money.

No need to worry, you can sell your canceled festival tickets and accommodation on, which means you'll get money back on your unwanted travel plans.

Our intention is to give those with a travel reservation they can no longer use the possibility of regaining some of the cost back that would otherwise be lost. At the same time, we give those looking for a break from everyday life an opportunity to purchase a trip they may not be able to partake in if it was not for discounted prices. 

Can I Sell My Festival & Camping Tickets?

The good news is yes you can! You can transfer and sell your festival and camping bookings on TransferTravel is the dedicated platform for buying and selling all different kinds of travel plans that can no longer be used. Please note that we can only sell festivals with camping or accommodation as part of the ticket.

Whether or not you can sell your ticket will depend on the individual festival's name change policy. You should contact your ticket provider to see if you the tickets and reservations for travel can be changed and transferred.


What Is The Name Change Policy?

This will differ from festival to festival as some have strict non-transferable and non-refundable policies. 

  • V Festival 
    V Festival has changed to RiZe as of 2019, which may alter their policy. However it is currently not possible to transfer your ticket.

  • El Dorado 
    The terms and conditions for El Dorado state that you can't re-sell "for commercial gain", which wouldn't be the case if you listed on TransferTravel. This means you can sell it to someone else as long as it isn't for profit

  • Outlook 
    Outlook Festival's name change policy is that you have to contact the provider to request to transfer the ticket. Tickets have names and ID associated with them so these have to be changed at the Outlook organiser's discretion.

  • Creamfields
    As Creamfields don't put names on their tickets, there is no reason why you couldn't transfer your ticket to someone else if you can't use it anymore. 

  • Boomtown
    The terms and conditions say they're non-transferable, however Boomtown tickets often don't have identifying features like your name or picture on it, so this means anyone could use your ticket. 

  • Coachella 
    You can sell your Coachella tickets to someone else if you can no longer use them; just make sure you make any changes needed to the documents. 

  • Hideout 
    Hideout Festival is non-transferable but like a lot of tickets, they don't usually have identifying features.


How Do I Sell My Festival Ticket?

Once you know if your ticket is able to be transferred, you can list it on

  1. Create an account. You can sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, or just use your email address.

  2. Create a listing. Include as much as you can in your ad when you are listing your festival and camping. Add a description and title that says exactly what you are selling. We also suggest that you tell people why you are selling your festival ticket and camping plans. This helps build a connection with the buyer and makes them more likely to buy your tickets. As per our Face Value policy, we do not accept tickets that are for sale for more than you originally paid. So please price your ticket at a fair price with a discount for the buyer! For more advice on creating a good advertisement, have a read of our guide to selling

  3. Once your listing sells on, you will be connected with the buyer. You will need to ask for their personal details so you can make the appropriate changes to the tickets and make the name change official. 

  4. You have 72 hours to upload your new documents so the buyer can download them. After this, your money is transferred to you and you don't have to worry about unused tickets anymore! We take a small commission of 15% but only once the entire transfer process is complete. 

How much money you make back from your festival and camping is up to you. You as the seller get to set your price so you determine how much you make back, although we do encourage people to set fair prices to makes things ethical in the travel marketplace.

So are you ready to sell your festival tickets? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing offers in the marketplace right now!


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Posted 14 March 2018

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