How To Find The Cheapest Long Haul Flights - Sell your travel tickets.

How To Find The Cheapest Long Haul Flights

Be Open To Alternate Routes

Because you’re on you’re savvy and are willing to think outside the box when it comes to travel. Being open to traveling on alternate routes and even from a different airport could potentially save you a lot when looking for a cheap long haul flight. On we have lots of long haul flights that have been pre-booked and pre-paid to secure the best price.

Be Open To Dates

If you are flexible with your dates then looking on is a great idea. Someone else’s dates of their flights could have been secured at a special discount price and now they are selling. You could come in and make an offer on the flight and have the flight even if it’s not the exact dates that you wanted.

Search On

Do a quick search on once a day because we are always getting new flights in. You never know the next thing that’s going to pop onto the site and that’s one of the most exciting things.

Set Your Wishlist

Set the route that you want to take and the type of travel you like on your wish list and you will get personalised updates for your preferences. All you have to do is sign into your profile and go to your “wishlist”.

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