How To Find The Coolest Hotels At The Best Price - Sell your travel tickets.

How To Find The Coolest Hotels At The Best Price

 1. Be Open With Your Destination 

You might have to think outside the box when it comes to location. Because everybody wants to travel so many different places, we have so many different listings for hotels in The Travel Marketplace. Some locations aren’t ones that you would have originally thought of, but think  outside the box and be open to experiencing something new!

2. Be Open With Your Dates

Be flexible with dates and when you are wanting to go you will have so many more options of hotels. Search and check on TransferTravel daily because we are constantly getting new listings.

3. Set Your Wishlist 

Set your Wishlist and tell us what locations and hotels you are after. Setting up a Wishlist ensures that you get personalised  listings and things that you are most interested in.

4. Follow Us On Social Media, Facebook and Twitter

Following us on social media ensures that you’ll see all the best deals so be sure to follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

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