How To Find The Perfect Airbnb

So you're thinking of spending a weekend away or taking a week off in a lovely new city? You've decided on booking an Airbnb but you have no idea where to start...

Airbnb is filled with listings of peoples homes and purpose built holiday accommodations.

Practical Vs. Something New

What kind of accommodation do you want to stay in? Do you want somewhere where you can just lay your head after a busy day exploring a major city or do you want somewhere that you can escape to in the desert and enjoy spending time in? The fun part of Airbnb  is scrolling through the endless possibilities and trying to decide what you want.

Budget, Budget, Budget

How much do you want to spend on your Airbnb? Do you want to splurge and stay in a luxury pent house apartment downtown in a major city or do you want to hide away in a small cabin in the woods. New, old, big, small there are so many choices to make that affect price and the end result of your Airbnb stay.

Private Room or The Whole Place?

Do you want just a part of someones space or do you want the whole place to yourself? This is a major decision and will affect the budget. You can narrow down your search terms when you start looking to accommodate for whether you want to stay somewhere yourself or share the space with the host.

Check Out The Reviews 

Read all reviews on the hosts page and make the best decision based on what you read. Remember that some people leave heated reviews and are angry in the moment. Things that some people are most angry about, you won't be angry about and vice versa. Something that no one else minds might just send you sideways.


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Posted 5 February 2018

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