Flight Vouchers For Sale in The Travel Marketplace

We all love discounts in every way that we can find them. This is also true when it comes to buying flight tickets and travel plans. We all want to save money in daily life and do things that create more wealth for us in a smart and savvy ways especially travellers and backpackers. TransferTravel was set up with the savvy travel lover in mind as well as backpackers. We have a savvy secret that we want to tell you about so that you can get cheaper flights, travel more and be super savvy: flight vouchers.

Can Flight Vouchers Really Be Sold?

Flight vouchers are usually sold on TransferTravel because the seller has received them as compensation for a flight that they didn't take, as a refund or as a gift.

How Much Of A Discount Will I Receive When Buying A Flight Ticket?

The price and discount for each flight voucher for sale is different but usually a large savings is applied for each flight voucher for sale. Each savings amount is displayed on the top left hand side of the listing when you search the category. Some vouchers are 40 - 50 - 60 up to - 75 % off the original price.

What Kind Of Flight Vouchers Can I Buy?

Some incredible deals that are being sold in The Travel Marketplace right now are...


What Are The Terms And Conditions Of Buying Flight Vouchers?

Most vouchers will have an expiry date after which they will become useless, always check the expiry date of that voucher so that you are aware of the time period for which it is valid. Moreover, vouchers are valid for specific airlines, make sure you are aware of which airline it is valid for. Some vouchers are only valid for domestic flights, if you are planning for an international flight then make sure it is valid for it.


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Posted 22 November 2017

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