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The Galapagos Islands are a collection of 21 islands (18 main islands) located in the Pacific Ocean. The islands are volcanic islands on the equator, with unique and wonderful biodiversity which were made famous by Charles Dawin and his theory of evolution. The island is home to creatures and animals which aren't found anywhere else on earth, many of which live on the islands undisturbed by civilisation.




POPULATION: 25,000 (2010)


1. Pay a visit to the Los Gemelos (Santa Cruz) which are two volcanic craters/ sink holes which boast an incredibly impressive hiking trail and picturesque views.

2. Take the afternoon to explore Santa Cruz’s Lava Tunnel. Located inside one of the Galapagos island’s many National Parks this tunnel is more than 1 kilometre in length and holds an abundance of natural beauty.

3. Discover the island’s giant tortoises in the Rancho Primicias Tortoise Ranch. Visit these incredible animals in their natural habitat.

4. Spend the morning purchasing and sampling fresh fish at the fish market of Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz).

5. Watch the hundreds of Sea Lions in their natural environment, bask in the sunlight and lounge around at Bay on Isabela Island.

6. Discover the penguins of Los Tintoreras on Isabela Island.

7. Hike the active volcano of Sierra Negra (Isabela Island), and hike through biodiverse terrain on an active 1 or 2 hour hike.

8. Go snorkelling in Loberia/Punta Estrada (Santa Cruz), swim and snorkel with the Sea Lions.

9. Visit the eco-tourism park of Camp Duro (Isabela Island) for a delicious meal, to camp or just to explore the farmland.

10. Swim with the marine Iguanas and shark canals at Playa de los Perros.

Delicacies in the Galapagos Islands

1. Fish with coconut sauce - Fish with coconut sauce is a traditional Ecuadorian dish poplar with the islands locals. This dish is a typical fish stew made with orange and lime juice, garlic, cumin, paprika and coconut milk. This dish can be found at the popular Miramar Restaurant which overlooks the Playa Barrio Frio.

2. Ceviche - While ceviche is popular all over South America the Galapagos islands have their own take on the popular dish. This popular dish is made from a variety of raw fish, made with tomato sauce, lime and lemon. A made to order ceviche restaurant is El Cafetal Cafe Cultural, a contemporary restaurant with a great atmosphere and freshly prepared dishes.

3. Encebollado - Encebollado is a typical dish served in the Galapagos Islands, It is a fish soup, made with yucca, onion, tomato, pepper, coriander, and a variety of fish. A lively place to sample this traditional dish is at the Garrapata. A restaurant which regularly has live musics and a great atmosphere.

Accommodation in the Galapagos Islands

1. Hotel Solymar (Puerto Ayora), luxury 5 star hotel

2. Hotel Mar Azul (San Cristobal), budget hotel

3. North Seymour (Puerto Ayora), hostel

Airlines that fly to the Galapagos Islands

1. Avianca Ecuador - Guayaquil or Quito

2. LATAM Ecuador - Guayaquil or Quito

3. TAME - Guayaquil, Quito or San Cristobal


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Posted 3 October 2017

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