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Hi everyone, I’m Enora, a French blogger living in The Netherlands, and I’m very excited to join the team ! They gave me a challenge to start with : presenting myself from A to Z… It wasn't easy, but I did it. So here it is, myself in 26 words or more (spoiler, it’s going to be more).

A is for, the blog I started a year ago, writing about life as an expat and my european trips.

B is for blogger... obviously.

C is for Cooking and Cheese. So much cheese. You could say I have an addiction.

D is for Denmark, where I lived for six months when I was a student.

E is for England, where I lived for three years before deciding to move back to « Europe » ( English weather beat me).

F is for French and foody. But if you ask me, these two words basically mean the same thing.

G is for gluten-free... Yes, I'm one of those people eating gluten-free.

H is for Holland, where I live now, although if any Dutch people read this, they will get really mad (the country is called The Netherlands).

I is for India, on top of my bucket list of countries to visit.

J is for Journalism, as I used to work as a journalist.

K is for Kingdom, as I have somehow always ended up living in, well, kingdoms: UK, Netherlands and Denmark.

L is for Lancashire, where I lived in Northern England and where I seemed to have developed the weirdest accent, as it always confuses people (to my British boyfriend's amusement).

M is for Marketing. When I don't blog for afrogontherun or transfertravel, I work in marketing.

N is for Nature. I am a true nature lover.

O is for Ocean and Organic. Helping save the ocean is a cause close to my heart, and I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

P is for Paris, my next travel destination.

Q is for Quirky... at least that's how my boyfriend describes my behaviour on a daily basis...

R is for Romania, one of the best holiday I ever had (I would really recommend this one as a holiday trip!).

S is for Summer, because what else?

T is for Tea. I drink so much of it, I'm pretty sure I'm not made of water, but of tea.

U is for Utrecht, the first city where I lived in The Netherlands.

V is for Vegetables... I could not say I am a vegetarian, because I still eat meat from time to time, but I am trying my best.

W is for Wine and Writing, which I find can actually go really well together.

X is for Xenophobia, one of the thing that I hate the most. But unfortunately, as an expat, it is also something you have to live with.

Y is for Yoga, which I try to practise everyday.

Z is for Ze best French accent ever (or at least I like to think so).

Enora from A Frog On The Run


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Posted 24 March 2017

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