How To Get Money Back For A Holiday I Can't Cancel?

Considering the huge size of the travel industry, cancellations form a major chunk of the overall losses that the entire value chain of the industry suffers every year. Right from the customers paying the cancellation fees on their holidays that they can’t cancel, hotels losing the opportunity of extra income on food, amenities etc and the agents losing out on their commission, there are multiple parties bearing the losses.

Although no one wants to cancel a well-planned holiday, at times, the circumstances demand the same leaving you in a fix. If you’ve ever wondered how to get my money back for a holiday I can’t cancel, read below.

The Solution

With the innovative solutions at, an online travel marketplace for non-refundable flight tickets, hotel reservations etc, you can now get the money back for a holiday you can’t probably cancel.

The platform allows you to sell your non-refundable hotel reservations to the other travelers looking for last-minute great deals and recover a good part of the cancellation fees that would have been completely lost otherwise.

What makes TransferTravel Unique?

  • The unique concept that allows you to get your money back for a holiday you can't cancel by selling it to the appropriate buyers

  • A robust and well-tested, automated system that verifies the credibility and authenticity of every single reservation on the website.

  • Full-proof guarantee for the buyers that give them the deals what they exactly see on the website

  • A secure payment process to safeguard the interest of the sellers and to ensure that they get the money back on their planned holiday that they can’t cancel

The Process Of Getting The Money Back For A Holiday You Can't Cancel

  • Whether you have a flight ticket booked or a hotel room reservation that has a cancellation fee, all you need to do is to list the same on the website

  • The seller has the freedom to set their own price for the holiday they wish to sell and post the same

  • The platform will safely market the listing and help you sell your unused non-refundable holiday booking etc to the interested travellers

  • Once the sale is done successfully and all the travel documents are transferred, you will get a confirmation and small fee will be charged from you (15%)

Recovering the money for the holiday you can’t cancel, can't get easier than this. With us as your refund partners, you can now book and enjoy your travels without worrying about the refunds, cancellations, and transfers.


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Posted 8 November 2017

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