How To Get Money Back From A Hotel Reservation

How many times have you booked a hotel and lost money because of a change of plans? If you haven’t had this happen to you, it definitely could because hotels are offering non-refundable bookings. Making hotel reservations is a long process, you find the perfect one that you want, you go through the booking formality and the worst part you pay a lot of money for all those fancy services. That’s not the worst part actually, the worst is when you have to cancel your plans and your booking is non-refundable!

Yes, today most hotel bookings are non-refundable as hotels have incurred heavy losses because of refundable bookings in the past. But the good part is most of these are transferrable. You have two options here; in case of being unable to enjoy the hotel services on your own. The solution is You can transfer and get your money back easily by selling your booking and changing the name.

You can now sell your hotel reservation at a price slightly lower than the original cost and transfer it to the buyer. You still lose a small amount of money but not all of it. Make sure that the hotel booking is transferrable and of course non-refundable? Because so many people have lost money, and big amounts of it, makes it easy for you to get money back from a hotel reservation. The point is, if the hotel refuses to pay you back, someone else will! It’s a great deal for you the seller, and the buyer. You don’t lose money and the buyer saves money- you are actually giving a great deal to someone who actually needs it!

If you have ever tried to talk to the hotel directly about refunding your funds and cancellations, you will know what a great deal of misery we are saving you from! Firstly, it’s no point because they will politely keep on refusing all your pleas and demands and no you will get anything in return except a higher phone bill and very high stress levels. Relax, there are numerous buyers out there who will be happy to buy your booking and pay you for it. Still wondering how to get Money back from a Hotel Reservation- we just gave you the best solution!


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Posted 17 November 2017

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