How To Get Your Money Back From A Villa Reservation?

In life we often face lots of different situations where we have to make decisions to save the most amount of money we can. One of those things is selling your villa booking to someone else because you booked the non-refundable option. You either can't cancel or are not eligible to be covered with you cancellation insurance. Unfortunately things like a pets illness or losing your job are not covered by travel insurance companies. Getting money back for your non-refunbdal villa booking that you can't cancel is easy now because of and the platform that we have created for peers to buy and sell all types of travel bookings.

Who Can Sell Their Villa Reservation On

TransferTravel has and always will be somewhere for the individual to sell travel between peers. We don't accommodate for third party inventory onto the platform and this means that the booking you buy and sell will be booked by an individual. Our main concern is for the individual that has had an unforeseen circumstance derail plans and where the corporation hasn't accommodated for them.

How Do I Know If I Can Sell My Villa Booking?

We accommodate for all types of travel plans that can no longer be used, including the villa booking that you can't use. We want to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to list, sell and transfer your booking to someone else. The first step is checking with your villa to understand their transfer and name change policy. Most accommodation bookings can easily be transferred to someone else but checking with your specific villa first is a must.

How Do I Get Started On TransferTravel Selling My Villa Booking? 

Your second step would be registering and creating a listing on our website. Once the listing is approved by our dedicated team, your listing will become live so that it can been seen publicly. When it is live, buyers will be able to look at and buy your villa booking. When someone buys your villa booking you are connected with them and you can gather their details to change the booking. You have 72 hours to change the details and for the buyer to accept the transfer.

Our goal is to bring together buyers and sellers and help you sell your travel plans and help people looking for incredible deals.

Sell your villa booking now!


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Posted 22 November 2017

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