When Holiday Cancellations Don't Cover You

Transfer Travel offers an innovative alternative to strict holiday cancellation policies. Holiday cancellation policies usually cover up to £1500 of general unforeseen circumstances. They do not however cover everything, and this is what we are going to be talking about in this post today.  
A Typical Scenario

  1. Sheila booked a trip to visit the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland recently with Aeg Lingus. Unfortunately, she broke her leg recently while she was running after her grandchildren. She can no longer go on the trip that she has planned and booked in advance.

  2. Sheila calls Aer Lingus to cancel her flights and get a refund. Unfortunately the ticket that Shelia booked she cannot receive a refund for her flight ticket. It was non-refundable.

  3. Luckily, Sheila has bought travel insurance and calls to make a claim. Upon calling them she finds out that a broken leg isn’t unfortunately covered by her holiday cancellation policy.

So what does Sheila do now? What are her options?

There are legitimate circumstances in which holiday cancellations cover your unforeseen circumstances. There are some things, though that they do not cover you for. Where is this line? Who decides what is legitimate and what isn’t? The insurance company needs to decide and make a stance. We want to share this important information with you and hope it’s informative for you and helps you make an informed decision.

When Will Cancellation Policies Not Cover You?

They will not cover you for things like not having enough money, sickness or injury related to drug use, self inflicted injuries. If something comes up at work, you are not covered by your cancellation policy for this. Policies won’t cover you if you simply change your mind on the trip. They won’t cover you if you don’t organize things properly for example if you book the wrong leaving dates or didn’t organise your visa or passport in time.
When Do Cancellation Policies Cover You?

Serious illness, injury or an unexpected death in the family, your business associate or travelling companion. If there is a natural disaster then you are covered for a claim. If there is a fire, a storm, a flood or a burglary within 48 hours of your date of leaving. If you are made redundant from your job you can usually claim on your holiday cancellation policy. If you fall pregnant within 32 weeks before your departure date or while you are away you are usually covered. If your course or study abroad was cancelled then you are usually covered by cancellation policies.


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Posted 26 February 2018

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