How To Buy Unused Hotel Rooms


Finding hotel rooms for a fraction of the price

Browsing the internet for a hotel, scrolling through Instagram for inspiration… Who doesn’t love holiday-planning? Prices can usually affect our decisions about travelling, so why not find a great deal on someone else’s unwanted holiday? On, you can buy hotel rooms that can no longer be used at a discount.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of travel plans and they have to be cancelled unexpectedly. Nowadays, lots of hotel reservations are non-refundable which means that some people end up forking out for a holiday they can’t even go on. This is where you come in…

In the past, people would have had to go on Craigslist or Facebook buy and sell pages to try to resell hotel rooms, which can often result in them being contacted by scam accounts or the transaction falling through.

Now, they can list it on and sell non-refundable hotel rooms on a secure and trustworthy platform. Not only is the payment process protected by a buyer’s guarantee, but we ensure each and every booking is legitimate.

Why should I buy a cancelled hotel room?

  • Hassle-free holiday-planning
    Cheaper, quicker and more frequent flights mean that our horizons have expanded. We can travel anywhere in the world, opening up an infinite number of possibilities. However, this can be overwhelming so it’s almost a relief to have your plans laid out for you.

  • You’re helping someone else out
    Instead of making a new booking, you’ll be taking it off someone’s hands and making sure they don’t waste all of their money. This is a much more ethical way of booking travel plans as it stops them from being charged for making a cancellation.

  • You save money!
    On, most of our sellers will sell hotel rooms at a discount. We always recommend taking 30% off a listing but some will drop the price even more. You get a great deal on last minute hotel rooms and they get some of their money back.

What do I buy unused hotel reservations?

Head to the travel marketplace where you can browse all the hotel rooms for sale. If you want to narrow down dates or destinations, just refine the search results on the left, but if you can be flexible, you’ll be more spoiled for choice!


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Posted 20 June 2018

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