What To Do With A Hotel Booking I Can't Cancel?

Allow us to begin by trying to guess your story...you've been looking forward to spending time at that particular hotel that you had been eyeing up for ages. Because it is the cool, hip and new hotel a thousand other people were looking at the same hotel as you so you HAD to book in advance. Because you never though that you wouldn't be able to go you booked the non-refundable booking. Their policy is strict with non-refunbable bookings and when work get's crazy they don't budge on the fact that you can't cancel or change the booking to another date.

It doesn't matter what the twists and turns of your story has, we understand that you are stuck with a booking that you can no longer use. The question upon realising that you are stuck with a non-refunbdale hotel room booking tucked into your purse. Do you toss it in the trash when there are thousands of potential buyers out there. or do you just call and cancel, letting all the money, time and energy go to waste?

At TransferTravel.com, we give you a third choice, which is to make some money back from selling the reserved hotel booking. In just three easy steps, you can sell your hotel room reservation on our site with no stress.

Step 1: Signup on TransferTravel.com

Don't have an account with us yet? Just click on signup and fill out the required details in the short form which appears. Our site is mobile friendly to ensure that you enjoy the same unique user experience over multiple devices. You only need to signup once and can stay signed in from your personal devices.

Step 2: Put Up Your Hotel Room Reservation For Sale

Following our easy guide, fill in the details concerning the hotel room you intend to sell, alongside an image. This gets made available to all buyers on TransferTravel.com

Step 3: Sell Your Hotel Room Reservations

After putting up your hotel reservation for sale, you will receive offers from multiple buyers. Based on your conversation and agreement with the buyers, go ahead and choose one buyer and sell your reservation to the person.

It is as easy as that. Both you and the buyer go away happy. Who knows? You might be a buyer tomorrow...

Before selling your hotel room reservation, we strongly advice that you contact the hotel or check the hotel's policy to ensure that the hotel room reservation is transferable in name. You're in luck because most hotel bookings are easily transferrable.

So what are you still waiting for? Signup and let us help you make some money for that hotel reservation you won't be able to use.


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Posted 20 November 2017

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