Can I Transfer & Sell My Hotel Booking?

Imagine spending £10billion on hotel rooms that you don’t stay in…

Autumn has well and truly opened our front door and made itself right at home. With summer fading off into yesterdays memories and winter making its return flight, what better to do than buy a 5* luxury stay… to cosy down under the finest egyptian cotton, crisp white duvet covers whilst you order Michelin star eggs benedict for breakfast and plan for nothing other than an evening in the  eucalyptus steam room … or a warm log cabin in the mountains? An apartment in a dream city? A villa in the Med? (Ok, a little too excited - I need to book a hotel stay soon…)

A pre booked hotel stay, isn’t just a cheaper precautionary option, its the excitement of the countdown to our dream destinations, a goal to work towards, a chance to do something for the first time. All the things we need in order to balance the scales of meetings, deadlines and those early mornings - it makes it all worth while.

The problem with pre booking is that we can’t foresee the future… we aren’t fortune tellers, we cannot predict what is round the corner.

So, my question is, what do I do with my hotel booking if I can no longer stay?

You see, life happens and that perfect girlfriend could be on your blocked list in 8 months time, or overworking could cause a brutal case of tonsillitis and your insurance company believes that to be the ‘wimpiest’ of reasons to cancel and claim isn’t possible?

Would you pay to stay in a room that you don’t stay in?

In 2012, the BBC reported that £10 billion is “wasted” every year on unused and pre-paid hotel rooms.



People who book hotel stays, aren’t aware that you can transfer most reservations to another guest, meaning you can sell your booking and make use of something that would otherwise be wasted.

I bet you didn't know that Premier Inn offers a solution to name change amendment on rooms for free. If you are booking a stay at Premier Inn and you are unsure of whether you can stay, or if you have a business trip and you don’t know whether it will be you or your colleague staying at the hotel, simply leave the guest name as ‘TBC’. Once confirmed, you can call up their reservations line with the name and update the booking- better still, it’s done with no extra charge! This also applies to bookings initially made with a name that needs to be transferred to another guest (you don’t even need the Flexrate ticket to do this, this still applies on Saver tickets) provides you with the opportunity to list your unwanted hotel room reservations for free to a marketplace of buyers looking to purchase last minute deals.

The peer to peer platform, allows users to sign in through social sites such as Facebook which instantly verifies profiles and puts a face to a name. The instant messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate, building a community of trustworthy people that can help others put a use to unwanted plans and turn these cancellations in opportunities for those looking to buy.

If Premier Inn allows customers to change names this easily, then imagine all of the other hotels that are happy to do the same! It is just a matter of checking with these companies and getting the most from the business that you have provided them with.

You have the right as a customer to change your bookings to someone else who needs the room. By transferring names on bookings, we aren’t taking away any business from these companies, instead we are actually confirming that we want to use their service and essentially refer our family/friends to our preferred accommodation providers. Maintaining customer loyalty and promoting their business to others.

Register to the #1 travel marketplace, to list your unwanted travel for free and to purchase last minute deals.

If anyone needs to put their reservation for the penthouse suite in the Burj Al Arab to use, please let me know as I am sure I could free up some time to put my feet up in 7* luxury -

If you have any other questions about transferring your travel, please do not hesitate in contacting us!


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Posted 20 October 2016

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