Hotel Cancellations

Hotel Cancellation policies can be very brutal in their nature, especially when it comes to last minute cancellations. One might wonder, why someone would not want to go on a vacation? While it is true that vacations are something that not only soothe your body but also help your mind relax and concentrate; sometimes, cancellations becomes necessary.  There can be several reasons for these cancellations; an issue that needs to be cited urgently or any emergency within your family. The bottom line is that your vacation gets spoiled and on top of that you lose all your money that you saved up and worked hard for if you cannot cancel your hotel and lose out.


Unforeseen Circumstances 

For the most part in your daily hectic routine, you look forward to go to these exquisite places with your loved ones. The memories that you create there are always one of the most breath taking experiences and are always there to look back to and cherish the moments. The usual plan for a vacation follows through your mind to book a hotel, get flight reservations and look through perfect places to visit with your family. However, most people don’t even set up a backup plan for themselves without even realising that without a backup plan, they might suffer a huge loss.

Hotel Cancellation Policies

Cancellations policies vary between hotels. Some hotels have strict non-refundable cancellation policies while others will let you cancel and get your money back up to hours before you arrive. Each and every booking is different and must be checked individually.

What About Hotel Cancellation Insurance?

Cancellation insurance can be used when you can no longer use your hotel reservation. Even if the hotel will not give you your money back for the reservation you can contact your cancellation insurance (if you purchased it) and make a claim. This is if you have a legitimate reason to cancel other than not being organised, getting your dates wrong or breaking up with your significant other.

When You Can't Cancel Your Hotel

Fortunately, for all the travel freaks out there, Transfer Travel is one of the best options when it comes to backup plans. Transfer Travel lets you sell your Hotel Reservations to all the people who need it on urgent basis. The best part about it is that you don’t have to follow lengthy procedures to look for the buyer. Even at the last moment, you can still sign up and meet the perfect person to transfer your booking to on the Transfer Travel platform. You only need to change the name on the booking when you sell your reservation to someone else and upload documentation.

How Much Money Will You Save?

This might not compensate for your lost vacation; however, this might help you save the money that you were spending on your lost vacation. Although it is not the equivalent of the fun you were going to have at your vacation, it certainly will save you money so you can further plan for your any other vacation. This will financially assist you to arrange your next vacation as soon as you get free time. Since, no one would like skipping any vacation so one would certainly look for an alternative as soon as possible.

How Does It Work?

The procedure is as simple as one can imagine. First you have to sign up on Transfer Travel as a seller and then add your listing. If someone were looking for those listings, he/she would contact you regarding that. Once all the details are filled in and matched, you would call the hotel and tell them that you are transferring it to another name. Once done, the buyer would visit your hotel, if everything goes properly you would receive your payment as soon as buyer marks your vacation as thumbs up. You will have 72 hours after the buyer purchases your booking to gather their details, change the name and upload documentation.


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Posted 9 January 2018

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