Hotel Cancellations - All Your Need To Know About Non-Refundable Hotel Bookings

Is Your Booking A Refundable Or Non-Refundable Booking?

  • If you booked your hotel in advance then you probably opted for the non-refundable option that is less expensive. This booking cannot be cancelled and you will not get your money back.

  • The other option that you have booking a hotel room is the more expensive and refundable option where you can cancel the booking. This booking is more flexible, but does cost more than the non-refundable alternative.

How Do I Know If I Can Cancel My Hotel Reservation?

You will know whether you can cancel your booking or not by the type of booking that you have. The best way to find this out is to reach out directly to your hotel travel provider and ask with reservations. You can also look on your booking confirmation email or receipt. The number of bookings that are non-refunbdale now is skyrocketing because they are the most affordable and savvy option.

What Happens If I Can't Cancel My Hotel Booking?

The best thing to do if you can't cancel your hotel booking is to check the policy on changing the name on the booking and the date. if you can change the date of the booking then you can list it on TransferTravel and put open dates for the buyer.

The other thing that you want to check is that you can change the name on the booking. The great thing about hotel bookings are that you can change the name on almost all bookings. There are also usually no fee's to change a name on a hotel booking like there are with flight tickets. This makes your hotel booking easy to sell and transfer on the Transfer Travel platform.

What Kind Of Hotel Bookings Can I Sell On

Hotel bookings that are sold on TransferTravel must be pre-paid and transferrable. We accommodate for the transfer of hotel bookings from one name into another. This means that the booking must be paid outright so the buyer doesn't have to pay anything when arriving at the hotel.

We accept hotel bookings and reservations from all over the world. We have an international audience and love seeing funky, different, unique hotels on our site! Even if you're not sure if someone will buy your hotel booking or not, add it to the site because if there is no sale - no fee is taken. If there is sale between you and a seller we take 15%. No sale = no fee.

How To Avoid Hotel Cancellation Fee's For Your Hotel Reservation

To avoid cancellation fee's you can change the name on your hotel booking and transfer the name to someone else. This is done simply and easily by creating a listing on Registering and then choosing "sell" at the top of the page. We ask you to add a few details about your booking as well as a title and description. We also require the original price and sale price. We suggest adding a small discount so that people are enticed into choosing your listing.


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Posted 15 November 2017

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