Transfer Your Hotel Booking Instead Of Cancelling

When planning a trip pre-booking is widely seen as the best way to guarantee you are getting the best deal. This booking is usually non-refundable but, it doesn’t matter because you don’t book a hotel or Airbnb thinking you are going to cancel. When you cancel it is usually under poor circumstances and not something that you want to do.

When a booking is cancelled the hotel has the chance to re-sell the room for the night, which is a win for them. Especially if they get your money out of the booking as well. They do run the risk of not re-selling the room and losing business. When the hotel loses out on business, they are not the only ones. The local economy suffers when someone doesn't fill the hotel room. Taxi drivers don’t get used, restaurants don’t get filled and tickets to local attractions aren’t bought. Everything is intertwined and affected in the ecosystem of a hotel stay.

We want to provide a solution to both the person looking to buy a hotel room, the local economy as well as the hotel itself. When someone doesn’t stay in the hotel they can’t buy extra goods and services from them. The hotel takes a gamble on the fact that they can re-sell the room at all. The Cafe around the corner doesn’t get filled, shops won’t see the consumer, tours aren't booked, and tickets to attractions aren't bought. A cycle is born, an ecosystem of hotel consumer with the local economy. What a hotel consumer spends outside of the hotel is important.

Although a flight company might lose out when someone needs to cancel the cycle isn't as wide reaching as the ecosystem of the hotel and hotel consumer. is providing a solution to wasted issues and putting a stop wasted bookings. Instead of leaving the hotel room empty, we want to fill the hotel room and keep money in the local economy. By transferring names on hotel reservations we aren't taking away any business from the hotel but instead we are actually confirming that we want to use their service and recommend them to our friends and family to stay.

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Posted 17 November 2016

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