How To Transfer A Holiday

With the increase rate of advertisement and discounts on multiple bookings being offered by the hospitality industry, lots of people are increasingly picking up on the holiday booking culture. This is especially true for Americans who often than not hold their holidays in very high esteem.

Complete holiday bookings usually include a flight to the destination town, lodging and feeding reservations, party bookings, pass to touristic sites and a return flight ticket amongst others. So as you will imagine, booking an entire holiday could be quite hefty on savings, especially if it’s for the whole family. But then again, even as we plan and make reservations, we can only hope for things to unfold as anticipated. On the off chance that things do not go your way, you might end up with one very expensive reservation on your palms. Unless you are looking to save the Holiday ticket as a memorabilia or are a collector of such expensive papers, the smart option will be to get as much money as you can from the ticket.

Your primary option of course will be to call the company with which you made the Holiday reservation and pray that they have a favorable refund policy. Most hospitality businesses selling holiday tickets often have a refund policy, but however, these policies are often tied to a duration scale and come at a cost – which is to say the chances of you getting the full value of your holiday ticket back is very slim. Some businesses may even charge as much as 40% of the holiday reservation values in cancellation fee. And worst case scenario, the ticket might be nonrefundable depending on how close to the due date you decide to cancel.

Taking in to consideration all of the above, it becomes immediately clear that it will be in your best interest to seek other avenues through which you could at the very least make some reasonable sum off of the Holiday booking you can no longer use. On the plus side, there is a huge and thriving market for second hand tickets which can no longer be used by their original owners. The number one marketplace for the sale of second hand holiday reservations is

At transfer travel, we offer holders of tickets they can no longer use an opportunity to sell their bookings and reservations at a fair price – which could also mean a premium. All you need to do is follow our very easy listing procedure and you could have your ticket sold in as little as 72 hours.
Step 1: Create An Account

Visit On the top right hand side of the page, click on signup and enter your details in the smart user interface that comes up. Validate your information after which you will receive a mail in the email account provided at signup. The mail comes with a confirmation link which you must click to verify your account.
Step 2: List Your Holiday Booking For Sale

Once logged in to, go ahead and list your holiday booking or holiday reservation. Be sure to provide the following, the amount at which you intend to sell the Holiday booking and any other information pertaining to the holiday booking.
Step 3: We Make Your Public To Thousands Of Potential buyers

Transfer travel has zero tolerance for scams and other fraudulent activities which could lead to the defrauding of potential buyers, which is why we always make sure to verify all tickets, bookings and reservations listed with us, before making them public to our thousands of platform users.
Step 4: We sell the Holiday booking

Once a booking is listed on our site, it is only a matter of time before people are bound to begin showing interest. As soon as we finalize the sale of the sale of the ticket, we will transfer the cash to your bank account after charging a small commission.


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Posted 18 December 2017

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