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Hyatt Regency is a popular upper to upscale hotel in the US. It scores 82 on the scale of the American Customer Satisfaction Index. This is compared to others such as Best Western at 72 and Super 8 at 65. They have 777 properties in 54 countries and started in the US in 1957 in Los Angeles. This blog will cover their cancellation policy and what to do if you have a non refundable booking with them.


New Cancellation Policy

As of January 2018 Hyatt Regency has changed their cancellation policy from a 24 hour policy to having a 48 cancellation policy. Now to redeem any money back from a refundable booking you must cancel 48 hours before your booking. This will fluctuate from hotel to hotel because each individual property has their own policies based on the dynamics of the local market. Your cancellation policy will be stipulated at the time of the booking and made clear in your booking confirmation. 


Hyatt Cancellation Fee?

Some Hyatt hotel bookings will have a cancellation fee assocated with them if you try and cancel within the 48 hour cancellation period. Unfortunately there are no strict rules when it comes to fees and cancelling because each each booking is different.


Cancelling A Non Refundable Hyatt Booking 

If you have booked a non redundable booking with Hyatt then it is more likely that you cannot get a refund even if you try and cancel your booking weeks ahead of time. 


The Alternative: Sell & Transfer Your Listing 

Instead of being stuck with your booking and losing out on the money you have paid for the room there is an alternative. offers the unique opportunity for those with non refundable bookings that they can no longer use to change the name and sell their bookings on to someone looking for a great deal. We always suggest that you check with your indiidual booking that you can change the name. Most hotels are transferable in name, and most bookings will be as well. Once you know the policy on your individual booking then you can create a new listing on to recoup your money.


Get Your Money Back For Your Hotel Booking

Creating a listing on is simple and easy. It only takes a few minutes and could potentially help you make all of your money back on your booking. Once your listing has been bought by someone on the website you will have 72 hours to change the name on your booking and upload the new booking confirmation for the buyer. The buyer will then have 7 days to confirm that they have received the documents and are happy with them. Your money is then released to you 24 after the buyer has used the reservation.


If you have any more questions please contact one of our friendly customer support members VIA email at or use our LIVE CHAT function.


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Posted 25 June 2018

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