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If you have pre-booked a flight or hotel with Kayak.com that you can no longer use, you might lose out on a refund. You can sell your travel plans at TransferTravel.com to someone who could be looking for exactly what you have. All it takes is a simple name change on your documents and you're ready to transfer your travel.


What Is The Kayak Cancellation Policy?

Kayak.com is a travel aggregator, which means they collect deals on flights, hotels and holiday packages from a wide variety of companies. What this also means is that each travel provider will have their own set of terms of conditions about cancelling and whether or not you are eligible for a full refund. Check who you are flying or staying with to see what their cancellation policy is. A number of flights sold through Kayak are non-refundable, so if you cancel, you won't get any of your money back. 

You can view your itinerary in the 'Trips' section of the Kayak website and app, where you can sign in and view all the components of your vacation. This is where you can find out which airline and hotel you are using. 

TransferTravel.com provides the unique opportunity for those trying to cancel their non-refundable Kayak.com booking. With over 80% of hotel bookings being transferrable in name and over half of airlines charging for name changes, selling and transferring your booking to someone else is a great opportunity to not lose out on your money.


How Much Does It Cost To Change The Name?

Again, the name change policy will differ for each airline and hotel so you will need to check with them to find out whether or not this is possible for you. Most accommodation is free to change, whereas the standard fee for flights is around £30-£35, although some companies will charge more. 


How Do I Sell My Kayak.com Booking?

It's simple and easy to transfer your tickets and get some of your money back.

  1. Sign into your TransferTravel.com account. For new users, you can sign up using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, or just use your email address.

  2. Once you have you signed up for TransferTravel.com, create a listing with all the details about your bookings. The more information the better as it gives the buyer confidence in you and your tickets. You can find more advice in our quick guide to selling. It's important to include any extra details such as luggage allowances for flights or room type for hotel bookings.

  3. When someone buys your booking, you are put in contact with them through our messaging system to exchange important details. Make the name change with Kayak or the travel provider.

  4. Upload the new documents for them to download before they travel. We protect both buyers and sellers in the travel marketplace. We give sellers 72 hours to transfer the details of the booking to the buyer (this includes changing the name on the document and uploading it for the buyer). The buyer must also notify us within the 72 hours that they are satisfied with the sale. Once the buyer uses their travel plans, we take a small fee of 15% but this is only once the whole transfer process is complete.


When you're ready to sell your travel plans, head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing flights in the marketplace right now!


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Posted 16 April 2018

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