"I Can't Use My Kayak.com Booking" | Kayak.com Cancellation Policy

Have you ever wondered what your cancellation policy is on your Kayak.com booking? 

Kayak.com is a flight aggregator that collects and searches other sites to show you the consumer many different options when booking flights, hotels and vacation packages. Along with kayak.com they also manage a portfolio of other brands including momondo, Cheapflights, SWOODOO, checkfelix and Mundi.

Since Kayak.com aggregates travel from other websites they do not sell you the booking directly - that means that they don't hold any cancellation policies they leave that up to to travel provider.

What To Do With Your Kayak.com Booking That You Can't Use

You can manager your booking through their platform and cancel your booking, but if you were redirected back to the travel providers website to buy your travel you will have to cancel directly through them. You can check your bank statement to see who you booked through (either Kayak.com or the travel provider directly)

If you are trying to cancel your booking but cannot receive a refund and have booked a non-refunbdale travel ticket - instead of losing out on your booking you may be able to sell your travel booking to someone else in the TranfserTravel.com travel marketplace.

How To Sell And Transfer Your Kayak.com Booking

TransferTravel.com provides the unique opportunity for those trying to cancel their non-refundable Kayak.com booking. With over 80% of hotel bookings being transferrable in name and over half of airlines charging for name changes selling and transferring your booking to someone else is a great opportunity to not lose out on your money.

We protect both buyers and sellers in the travel marketplace. For buyers we give them 72 hours to transfer the details of the booking to the buyer (this includes changing the name on the document and uploading it for the buyer. The buyer must also notify us within the 72 hours that they are satisfied with the sale. Once the buyer uses their travel plans TransferTravel.com holds the money for 24 hours after departure.


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Posted 16 April 2018

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