"What To Do With My Ibis Booking" - Ibis Cancellation Policy

Ibis, Ibis Styles and Ibis Budget are all owned by Accor Hotels. All Accor Hotel reservations and Ibis hotel bookings have different cancellation policies based on the room reserved.

To find out the latest you can cancel your reservation refer to the terms and conditions on your individual reservation confirmation. The conditions may depend on the brand, the hotel or the rate reserved.

What To Do If You Booked A Non-refundable Ibis Booking

If you have in fact booked an Ibis booking that is non-refundable in nature and you cannot cancel your booking and get a refund then you may be able to change the name on your booking. If you can change the name on the booking then you can sell your booking on TransferTravel. TransferTravel was started for people exactly like you, in your situation that can not get a refund or cancel their booking. We offer the opportunity to sell your reservation to someone else who is looking for a great deal.

How To Transfer My Non-refundable Ibis Booking?

First you must check that you can change the name on your booking. Once you know can change the name on your hotel reservation then you can simply create a new listing on TransferTravel. Once you sell your listing then you will be connected with the buyer. There in the messaging system you can ask for all appropriate details that you will need for the transfer. Once you have changed the name on the Ibis booking upload a new confirmation document for the buyer. You will have 72 hours to upload the new document and the buyer must notify us that they are satisfied with the transfer.


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Posted 18 April 2018

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