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Ibiza Without The Clubbing: Discover The Beauty Of A Wild Island

By Travel Ambassador Enora, from A Frog On The Run

Forget the booming music and the horde of party animals: if you are looking for a peaceful retreat this summer, Ibiza is the place to be!

The island is slowly but surely becoming as known for its lifestyle retreats and its wild nature side, as it is for its clubbing. Go hiking, discover breathe-taking landscapes and some of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Europe, or simply enjoy the calm and quiet of one of the island’s little town and villages: Ibiza has much more to offer than nightclubs and parties.

Ibiza & The Hippies

Ibiza, with its amazing landscapes and beaches, was for a long time the « hippie spot » of Europe. In fact, you can still feel the hippie influence in many places of the white island, whether it is in little villages such as San Joan, or on the Benniras beach. Two little hippie markets still exist today, Es Cana and San Carlos. If you feel like enjoying some good hippie vibes in Ibiza, these are the places to be!

Ibiza’s Rich Culture & History

Ibiza has a very rich history, and culture. It has been at a crossroad of various cultures over the centuries, from Romans, to Arabs and Catalans, which made it so unique : the island is full of old little villages and towns, and picturesque houses, that make it one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

Ibiza’s culture is also very vibrant. If you are looking for a short-break where you can find and enjoy art galleries, ceramic shops, markets, spas, restaurants and bars, as well as historic villages, it will be your perfect destination!

And if you always dreamt of horse riding by the beach at sunset, be sure to visit the Ibiza horse valley, in the North of the island. This rescue horse center offers guided rides in the forest or the beaches surrounding, offering you a beautiful escapade, away from the clubbing.

Hire A Car To Discover The Island

The best way to visit and truly enjoy the island is by hiring a car and driving from coast to coast : you can get anywhere in one hour ! Amongst the towns you should not miss, Santa Eulalia, just over 20km away from the airport, is the third largest on the island, and yet one of the most relaxed as well. Its white sandy beaches and its long promenade along the coastline are worth visiting!

Driving along the coast will allow you to enjoy breathe-taking panoramic views, but also to find deserted beaches where you can enjoy soaking all that Spanish sun, without the shouting of other tourists.

The island is also full of little farmhouses, some of them being luxurious spas and retreats, offering you the perfect occasion to treat yourself on your holiday!

Ibiza’s Food Specialities

Ibiza’s rich culture resonates through the varieties of its restaurants and food specialities, quite a lot being fish based.

Outside the big cities and party areas, you will have a harder time to find a full-English breakfast: traditional food on the island looks more like rich and tasty rice and pork meals like Arroz de Matanza, or aniseed biscuits such as Orelletes.

Whether you choose to lay on the beach for a week and do nothing but relax and sleep, or to go hiking in one of the island’s beautiful forest, one thing is certain: Ibiza has so much more to give than nightclubs and parties. Explore it outside the beaten tracks!

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