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The leaves are turning brown, the nights are getting darker and there's a definite chill in the air. Cities come alive during fall, trees lined with bright oranges, reds and browns make for the most gorgeous Instagram photos, and winding streets create a pretty backdrop from which to wander around.

Fall is a great time to go travelling, particularly when there's a crispness to the air and a glorious morning sunrise. I recently returned from my epic interrailing adventure, visiting 4 countries and 4 cities in just 9 days, exploring street after street along the way. I wandered around Warsaw, partied in Prague, sang along in musical Salzburg, and fell in love with Ljubljana.

All of these cities are beautiful in their own right, but even more so in fall when the colours are starting to come alive and the sun's setting that little bit sooner. Warsaw's market square buzzes with life after dark, whilst the smell of roasted chestnuts fill the air surrounding Prague's old town square.

Salzburg's historic centre becomes awash with street bands playing traditional Austrian music whilst the red rooftops of Ljubljana glow as the sun starts to set. All of these cities have character, they have charm and they have beauty, and nothing highlights this more than during fall, arguably the most beautiful season of the year!

Europe is so easy to interrail around, and the train journeys from city to city become even more stunning during fall. You'll whizz past fields of gold, stare at tree lined avenues and watch as the landscape changes from place to place. It might get a little colder, and it might get a little darker, but there's no denying that fall makes everything look just that little bit better...

Post by Travel Ambassador Jessica Buck from Journeys With Jessica



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Posted 10 October 2017

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