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So briefly, why I am moving to Canada - (well for two years or so!) Firstly, in the last year or so I have found myself a great love for trees, mountains and the outdoors in general.
Secondly, when I got back from a trip to the US in 2015 I decided, one, I really needed to see more and two I was angry that I hadn’t crossed the boarder to see Niagara Falls. Thirdly,  geographically Canada is closer to home than Australia and NZ. All be it, when writing these reasons down they don’t really jump out to me as a reason to move anywhere, but I can confirm- that I am really excited and I do really want to go.


I was soon to discover that the Canadian visa is not as readily available as either the Australian or the Kiwi. You can’t just apply when you want to and they have a quota for how many they can give out each year (7000 for the UK). Generally speaking the Canadian visas are up for grabs between December and April. Last year they actually changed the method of application which didn’t help companies who have developed a certain structure for helping applicants out. The old application was literally first come, first serve. ( over the course of about 8 minutes… and with around 10000 applying a slip of the hand on your keyboard could cost your whole dream)…

NOW however, it really is more of a lucky dip.

1. You have to complete a simple ‘welcome to Canada’ questionnaire. This basically checks your eligibility - (unless your a criminal and between the ages of 18 and 30 you should be okay. ) You then receive a personal reference code.

2. Next you need to set up a CIC account with the code provided. This will include a few more simple questions.

3. You submit your profile into the pool……………and wait. ( anytime from a couple days to a couple months. Yes, this is as painful as it sounds)

4. You then need to wait for the release dates, normally once a week for the UK

5. YOU RECEIVE YOUR INVITATION TO APPLY! (note: you have 10 days to accept and around 20 days to complete your application.)

If all of this before wasn't  nerve racking enough for you, you now need to make sure you don’t make a single mistake on the form. Any errors and you’ll be back in the pool, waiting again.


1. A police report ( they can take a while to come through- so chose express delivery (total cost £80 ish)

2. A Canadian style resume - They don’t want details and a whole about me section, just simple bullet points of the jobs you have had, what they involved and when you did them.

3. A digital photo

4. A copy of your passport

5. Proof of funds/ income - They need to see that you will be able to support yourself whilst there.

6. family information form- parents, siblings D.O.B’s etc. 

7. The ability to remain calm….. no seriously. HA

8. Applying for the visa roughly costs £160

I obtained my visa on January 27th 2016.


Firstly, you have a year to take up your place so to speak.-  Which is nice as it gives you time to organise funds, insurance, say bye to family, friends etc. I have literally given myself just short of that and will be flying into Vancouver on January 17th 2017 ( which, yes I know is nowhere near Niagara Falls) Once arriving I will have to show my passport, letter of acceptance, my proof of funds and insurance for the length I wish to stay. That in a nutshell is my Visa Experience. Whole lot of stress, but hopefully worth it in the end!!

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Posted 6 December 2016

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