Last Minute Cancellations In The Sun offer people somewhere to get rid of their holiday, flight and hotel cancellations that they cannot cancel. We offer the marketplace for travel lovers to cancel their plans by selling them on to travel lovers.

People can no longer go on their trips for a number of reasons such as not getting the time off from work, a death in the family, a break up or a broken leg.

Can I Really Find A Last Minute Cancellation From Someone Else?

Yes, we have hundreds of listings on of holiday cancellations from people that can no longer use their travel plans. Every minute something new comes on the site and you never know what is going to come on next!

Who Is Selling Their Holidays?

People who try and cancel their trips for a variety of reasons. It could be for anything such as a broken leg, a breakup, a job loss or not getting your visa in time. As long as your travel plans are transferrable and the name can be changed on your travel documents then you can sell your travel plans on

What Kind Of Discounts Can I Get On Last Minute Cancellations?

The incredible thing about and buying someone else's trip is that you can get major discounts, up to 90% off even. The discounts are unlimited because the seller has all the authority to set their price at anything. They are usually very motivated to sell their travel plans because they would otherwise lose out totally. When a seller lists and sells on they get at least something back where they would otherwise be at a loss.

How Do I Receive My Travel Plans?

Once you buy something on you will be in contact with the seller and be able to transfer all details necessary for them to change the name on their travel. Once they change the name they can upload the new document for you.

Sunny Travel Deals

March 15th - March 19th £181.00 

Voucher for Premier Cancun Vacations $898

June 18th - June 25th London to Turkey £250

Palm Beach to the Bahamas for $400 Departing March 15th - March 21st

Cuba - Return Flights from Manchester and 14 nights at all inclusive in Guardalavaca April 2nd to April 16th


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Posted 1 March 2018

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