The Launch Of Our Payment Gateway - Sell your travel tickets.

The Launch Of Our Payment Gateway would like to introduce you to the addition of our payment gateway within the travel marketplace.

Since our launch in June 2016 we have focused our attention to you, the customer, one of the main requests we continued to receive was for to be involved with the transfer of transactions. Over the last few months we have put your requests to action and we have been busy building a safe, secure and protective payment gateway. Protective? Yes, we have implemented new processes into the site in order to protect both the buyer & seller whilst you are going through transfers.

First of all we wanted to make sure that your payments were processed safely, so, we decided to use PayPal as our third party payment provider. PayPal allows for safe online payments that only requires an email and password to sign in to make a transfer, with no need to enter in any of your personal information or card details! Operating in over 200 markets globally, PayPal can covert payments into over 25 different currencies. Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! Another benefit of using PayPal is their purchase protection policy,

“If a purchase doesn’t show up, gets damaged in transit, or is significantly different than it was described online, don’t worry. If your purchase is eligible, we’ve got you covered. We’ll refund your money most of the time and deal with merchants so you don’t have to.”

Next, we implemented’s 7 Day Buyers Guarantee’. With every transfer that occurs on our platform we have your back! Once you have bought a travel ticket, sellers now have 72 hours to complete the transfer, which usually includes changing the name on the ticket to the new owner. We now provide an upload button on the payment page of each purchased listing which allows sellers to upload the updated ticket, once the buyer is happy that the transfer has occurred and the travel date has arrived we release payment over to the seller.

Why have we given 7 days for the transaction to complete? With both the buyers & sellers best interest at heart, we have given a 7 day period to ensure that the seller doesn’t lose out on getting their listing sold, and, for the buyer not to lose out on purchasing a true last-minute deal.

What happens if the transfer isn’t complete within the 7 day period? If the transfer is not complete in 7 days, the sale does not go through and payment is given back to the buyer.  In order to protect our customers, we will now hold the initial payment until buyers are 100% satisfied with the transfer of tickets. Once buyers are happy with the transfer we require them to send a message to the seller to confirm, buyers can then enjoy their new travel plans and the seller receives payment.


TheTransfer Process is moving as fast as your requirements are requested and we are willing to work around the clock to build you a platform that you can trust, rely upon and easily access. The addition of our payment gateway is only the beginning of what’s to come, stay tuned by connecting to our social sites were we keep all of our supporters updated with 

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