The Life Of Jord In Sri Lanka | The Lost Vlog - Sell your travel tickets.

The Life Of Jord In Sri Lanka | The Lost Vlog

Jordan Simons is our newest Travel Ambassador for He is a full time traveler and most recently in Sri Lanka where he tells us what some of his “off days” look like as a digital nomad. This is his “lost vlog’ from his time there so far. We hope you like it. Check out for incredible deals from travellers just like you, and sell all unwanted travel plans in the marketplace.

Jord gave up his job, regular life and sold all of his belongings for the life of a digital nomad in 2014. Since then he has been traveling to 49 countries across 4 continents. His mission in life is to show people first-hand how easy it is to travel the world on a budget. Jordan is travelling continuously now and wants to show everyone else how it’s possible as well

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