Looking For A Website Where You Can Sell Travel?

Nowadays there is a website for everything! Whatever you want, and whenever you want it you can find it online for sure. Even selling travel online because of TransferTravel is now possible these days. You can visit the TransferTravel page to find a portal where you can sell travel. This is not just a regular travel portal where you can sell new tickets or reserve hotel rooms. TransferTravel as the name suggests allows you to transfer the booking which you have already made for a flight or hotel but which you cannot use for some reason.
Reinventing The Way Travel Is Bought And Sold

While we know that we are small we are proud of the fact that we are doing something truly innovative and reinventing the way that people can buy and sell travel. There is another way to book travel and experience the booking process. 
How Does The Process Work? 

If you are left with non-refundable flight tickets in your hand or if you have already paid for a hotel reservation which is of no use to you any longer, you can simply make a listing for it on Transfer Travel portal by registering yourself as a seller. While setting up your profile on the website, you need to provide your personal details and enter your location as well as the destination for which you have done the flight or hotel reservation. The date and time of the booking are to be stated as well as the amount to be paid by the buyer. If somebody makes an offer on the portal, you can get rid of the bookings you have made by transferring the reservations to the other persons name after he or she makes the payment. 

Why Use TransferTravel?

It is a a unique portal which helps you save your money and do a good deed by offering last minute flight or hotel reservations to those who need it. It is a safe portal which protects your personal details and allows a smooth transfer of payments. A fee of 15% is charged only if a sale is made and there are no other hidden charges. You can list any hotel reservation or flight ticket which is transferrable on the website any time. The registrations process is short and simple. 

You can find buyer for any destination because people all over the world make use of this portal. You can market you listing with the help of the team at Transfer Travel to find the right buyer before the time for the reservation is up. The process of transferring of name is also streamlined and lucid to facilitate a quick transaction. Everybody gets what they want and a great deal of money is saved in the process. So choose Transfer Travel if you have extra reservations to sell.


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Posted 5 December 2017

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