Low Key Ways To Feel Like A VIP While Traveling In Economy

Don’t want to break the bank but looking for that VIP experience? Unfortunately we can’t offer you a free upgrade on your next flight, but we can share with you these 6 little hacks that will make you feel like a big deal even while travelling in economy class.


Grab An Empty Row Of Seats

If you need to sleep on your flight or you just like relaxing and stretching out while you catch up on the latest Netflix, it’s often worth scoping out the potential for a little extra room before you fly.  If you manually check in see if you can speak with an agent. Ask how full your flight is and if there are any empty banks of seats. If there are, you can ask to be moved to them or a few rows closer, so you can make a mad dash to spread out when the seatbelt sign goes off.



Staying hydrated both internally and externally with water and liquids is important during your flight and will definitely make you feel more like a VIP. We suggest a toning spray, a face oil and a moisturizer - just remember to keep them under 100ml. If you’re feeling really fancy, bring a sheet mask...you know the kind that makes you look like a ghost! Who cares what other flyers think, as a VIP skin care is important.


Order Your Meal Ahead Of Time (Try A Veggie Meal)

Since most airlines now offer a few menu options, many will allow you to pre-order your meal online. For a little extra cost you can select the option that appeals the most, meaning you won’t have to settle for the leftover choice. This usually also means that you are served your meal ahead of everyone else since you don’t have to wait for the cart to come by to choose. If you request a special dietary option, such as a vegetarian meal, you will also normally be served your meal first.


Bring Your Own Snacks + Coffee Sachets

This is an absolute game changer! Bringing your own snacks not only makes flying way more enjoyable depending on what you bring, it can make you feel like a total VIP. We suggest packing hydrating foods like grapes, watermelon and strawberries, as planes can be very dehydrating. Kicking it up a notch, why not bring fun things to eat like popcorn (since we know you’ll be watching a dozen movies) or treat yourself to some luxury chocolates. Make the most of your time to wind down, chill out and indulge. If you’re picky with your coffee and the economy filter range isn’t up to your usual standards, bring your own coffee sachets and mix it up with a cappuccino or chai latte instead.


Pack Fluffy Socks or Slippers

No one likes bare feet. Especially not your fellow passages after you’ve spent hours of hauling luggage and waiting around the airport. There is nothing worse than a stranger putting their feet close to you without a sock, especially if you know that person has been to the planes toilet and back. We strongly suggest (for both your own hygiene reasons and theirs) that you bring a pair of flight socks or slippers that shield you from the floor and keep the passengers around you happy. Flight socks are also really comfy to wear for the flight and prevent your feet from swelling when travelling long haul. But don’t opt for the boring beige or grey ones that your nan wears, look for a more fashionable variant on the norm and make a fashion statement at the same time.


Pack A Change Of Clothes

This is the simplest way to improve the dread of the line through immigration. After flying all day or night you think that you’re finally done;  you’ve landed and you’re almost able to enjoy your destination. Maybe you’re meeting family or friends or a special someone? Then, you have to stand in line and wait to get your beloved passport stamped through immigration. If you’re lucky this will only take a few minutes. If you’re not, this could take up to 45 minutes. Standing with other tired and sweaty passengers who have also just flown hours to get to this point, you will feel like a million bucks if you have changed into a new clean and fresh outfit first.


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Posted 29 May 2018

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