Luxury Travel On A Budget 4 Ideas!

#1 Luxury Travel On A Budget Tip: Make It Unique

A unique travel experience means going somewhere that no one has been to, or not very many people have seen. This doesn't have to be somewhere that is expensive it could be a local spot in a relatively inexpensive area that is unique and special because not very many people have seen it. This could be seeing a waterfall in a remote part of Hawaii, trying street food at a new pop up shop in the Philippines or indulging in a spectacular Airbnb with stunning views of a Cape Town sunset. Doing something unique makes you feel rich and like you are spending your money well on things that you are passionate and excited about. Check out what the travel company Black Tomato making luxury tailor made holidays that are %100 unique.

#2 Luxury Travel On A Budget Tip: Indulge In Things You Like

Spend your money things that you like if accommodation is what you really love - splurge on a hotel that is luxurious! Don’t feel the need to buy everything and every part of your trip in the luxury category. Maybe flying first class is what will get you all the way on that 14 hour flight to China and then you are happy to stay in 3 star hotels once there? Check out travel ambassador Liz from the Tongue in Chic's luxury guide to the Bund in Shanghai as an example of spending money on things you like and something you want.

#3 Luxury Travel On A Budget Tip: Buy Someone Else’s Luxury Holiday

On people list their holidays that they can no longer go on and a lot of these are luxury holidays and hotel bookings. They are trying to get rid of the bookings that they reserved usually months ago and will take a much lower price that they paid for originally.

#4 Luxury Travel On A Budget Tip: Buy Experiences

Experiences = memories and amazing photos. Instead of staying in a 5 star hotel you could stay in  a lower star hotel and spend your money on amazing experiences like zip lining over canyons, sky diving and bunny jumping. Spend your money on fancy and amazing dinners instead of a 5 star hotel and have those experiences forever. The things that you do on your holiday are the things that really stick with you.

I think that making something unique is a great way to make sure that you are living your luxury on a budget. You can indulge in the things that only you like to make the whole trip more affordable. You can buy someone else’s luxury holiday or hotel room to make your whole trip less of a cost. You can spend your money on experiences and not on the actual luxury hotel or first class ticket.


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Posted 15 February 2017

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