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TransferTravel is all about creating opportunities, whether it's a last minute flight to LA from London that is being sold at £100 that you wouldn't find anywhere else or being able to sell and make money back on something that you were told is non-refundable and you can't cancel.

Opportunities are given but almost always created and made from a persons resourcefulness and pro-active nature. Since you're here using already, you are savvy and resourceful when it comes to your time and money.

It's staying lighter later, and there is a faint smell on sunscreen everywhere and that means only one thing - Summer is nearly here. Whether you're taking a family holiday, having a Staycation or flying somewhere exotic summer is the time to take advantage of a slower pace of life and soak up the sun.

Time is the most valuable resource is today's society. Have you ever considered how you could maximise your time while you are on holiday relaxing and soaking up the summer sun? What if you created another opportunity while you were away for someone else to stay at your place - and make money at the same time?

Imagine making the money back that you spent on your vacation by becoming an AirBnB host, with property management companies now set up across the globe this hassle-free solution will only leave you booking more vacations!

Leaving your house/apartment empty whilst you are on vacation is an opportunity missed! With AirBnB now so popular, anyone who is interested in making money can now host their own accommodation and provide a guest with a comfortable place for them to stay in whilst visiting your local area. know’s how much planning goes into booking your vacations and we know that you do not need the extra hassle of Hosting an AirBnB on top of your holiday to-do lists, let us shine a light on the solution… AirBnB property management!

We got chatting to Matt from Metrobutler, an Airbnb property management company that takes care of everything for you while you're away on holiday, we picked his brain about how to take advantage of your property while you are away...and make money! Metrobutler currently operates in New York with plans to expand to other states across the US. We have also been in touch with Hostmaker who also manage your AirBnB property for you, they are based in London, Barcelona, Paris and Rome! Once you have set up your AirBnB with Hostmaker they offer £400 if you recommend other Hosts, it’s a win-win

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Posted 7 June 2017

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