Why You Should Buy From A Peer To Peer Marketplace

When you hear the word ‘marketplace’ in the 21st century, you are more likely to think of the likes of eBay than an actual farmer’s market (although if you do, that’s cool, I hear the jam is pretty good). Now it is preceded by the phrase ‘peer-to-peer’, which may feel redundant; isn’t a marketplace supposed to be between peers? With the increasing number of big faceless corporations selling out of huge warehouses and factories, it’s more important than ever to emphasise the importance of individuals. The sharing economy is the place to be right now; imagine that farmer’s market, but it’s not just a few stalls in a church hall, it’s worth €570 billion. That’s what PwC have predicted for the sharing economy in 2025, up 20-fold from 2015. As a marketplace, we want to show you why TransferTravel.com is the only travel website you need to be buying from.


1. Confidence in the product

The listings that you see on TransferTravel.com are from real people who booked trips, bought tickets or secured holidays but can no longer go. We see this as the ultimate curated list of travel plans. These are travel plans, airline tickets, hotel bookings or holidays that people have already felt confident enough to buy. They’ve done all the hard work of researching and finding the best price for you. For whatever reason they can no longer go, you know the buyer wishes they could because they’ve picked the destination they want. This is where the seller can come in and find that amazing deal that they may not have found searching through thousands and thousands of listings on a generic travel site.

2. Peer-to-peer means someone you can directly contact

Websites like Craigslist and Gumtree have been around for decades and work effectively enough but do you really know who jellyfishmonster123 is when they say they want to buy your item. Without seeing a profile photos or being able to be accountable in a centralised system there is a level of uncertainty inherent in these platforms. In the newer peer-to-peer marketplaces, your reputation as a buyer AND a seller is at stake in every transaction. You give your real name, have a real photo, and all the information is real and verified by us; basically, you have no other choice than to be genuine and transparent.

When you’re buying, you know that at the other end of a listing, there’s another person who needs to sell their travel plans to make some money back. There’s no big brand whose pockets are being lined every time you make a purchase. Someone is accountable for each listing and you can directly contact the seller through our secure messaging system. They set the price which means you can make an offer and see if you can negotiate a lower price. Not too far off bartering over bread at a market stall, is it?


3. Price is secured

You can get a cheap vacation last minute at the early bird prices. After searching for their ultimate holidays or best flight route, the seller would have secured the best price, usually because they spent time researching and booked months in advance. The buyer has the great opportunity to come in last minute and buy at that amazing price that they would not be able to find at that moment in time looking for a ticket so close to departure date.

In addition to that, what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden charges to worry about on TransferTravel.com as everything that’s in the listing description is included in the price, and if it’s not included, we won’t tell you it is. You don’t have to worry about paying for name change fees or luggage or the stairs to get on the plane (okay maybe we exaggerated about the stairs) - if it’s in the listing, it’s in the price.  


4. Community

For us, being part of the sharing economy makes buying travel so much more impactful. What’s the sharing economy, we hear you cry! (Don’t worry, we got you.) It’s an online community which allows individuals to share or provide goods and service; think of companies like Uber, Couchsurfing and Airbnb. It means that like-minded people can come together in one space and benefit from each other: one person wants to sell their flight and another wants a discounted flight at the last minute. This online space facilitates exchanges of tickets which makes everyone happy. It’s a win-win situation!


5. It’s always changing and fresh and new

This is another way in which the online marketplace is similar to a literal market, as you don’t know what’s going to be there until you actually arrive, and it could be gone the next day. What’s for sale in the marketplace depends entirely on what people are listing at the moment so you’ll never know what you’re going to find. This is a fantastic opportunity to tap into your spontaneous side! Instead of searching for hotels in specific locations, you might discover something really cool and unexpected like a treehouse that would never have crossed your mind before.


6. Think of the good karma

Big discounts? Check. Transparency? Check. Inspiration? Check. But if you’re still not convinced about why marketplaces are the only place you should be buying from, then think about the good karma behind it all. The people who list on our website are stuck in an unfortunate situation, such as a medical emergency, which means they won’t be able to travel. As travel plans are often non-refundable, they find themselves without a vacation and no money back on their cancellation. When you use the TransferTravel.com marketplace, you’re helping a genuine person instead of buying a brand new holiday from a big business. If you can make that decision, surely you’d rather give back to someone who just got caught out by life rather than adding a few pennies to the pockets of wealthy CEOs.

While other peer-to-peer marketplaces exist some are not truly peer-to-peer. We believe in people so we always keep that at the core of both the transaction and marketplace to ensure authenticity and transparency. Every day, you choose to buy your groceries, clothes or household items from people who you interact with face-to-face, and it’s shown that you increasingly make those decisions based around the person behind it all. That shouldn’t be any different when it comes to buying a flight or booking a hotel room.

So why should you buy from the travel marketplace? Digital marketplaces allow for mutually beneficial transactions to take place in a trustworthy and transparent space. Customers get the chance to recoup money from their unlucky circumstance, which prevents big businesses from profiting off their misfortune. We take control of how you buy travel away from corporations and put the purchasing power back in the hands of the consumer. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that?


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Posted 15 November 2018

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