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Medellin, Colombia’s City of ‘Endless Spring’

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Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city and is located in the Andes region of Colombia, low in the mountains, which gives it a warm climate all year round. The city is often referred to as the ‘city of eternal spring’ due to its year round spring-like climate. Over 3 million people live in this thriving metropolitan city. 

Medellin In History

Medellín was once considered the world’s most dangerous city and is known worldwide thanks to Pablo Escobar and Narcos. What most people don’t know is that the city has undergone a complete transformation and is now considered to be one of the most up and coming cities in Latin America. Medellín’s transformation has been successful because of the urban rejuvenation plans and developments that have created excellent transportation links and public spaces (these include new bus, metro, cable car and tram systems that allow people to travel easier around the city). These improvements have allowed the residents of poorer communities to find work more easily within the city and in turn gain higher salaries. Medellín has won many awards for its innovation and is currently being used as a model for other cities around the world. 

Medellin Today

Today Medellín is thriving with a large number of tourists visiting the city each year. It has also become one of Colombia’s largest export cities and an up and coming fashion capital. Visiting Medellín is a great cultural experience as the city has a large number of museums. One of these is the Museum de Antioquia which is an art museum that contains many pieces by Fernando Botero and other Colombian artists. The museum is located next to plaza Botero, a lively plaza containing over 20 of Botero’s sculptures. Medellín is a great place for shopping due to its large number of malls, outlets (especially Levis as the company has a factory close to the city which sells cheap products), markets, and artisanal produce.

Hidden Gems of Medellin

Located around 1 hour outside of Medellín is its hidden gem, El Peñol de Guatape. This 650 foot rock, which protrudes out of the flat surrounding area, can be seen for miles around. The rock has a staircase to the top and for 18,000COP (£4) you can climb the 750 steps and experience what locals consider to be the ‘best view in the world’. Close to the El Peñol de Guatape is a small and colourful traditional Colombian countryside town: this picturesque town gives you an insight into Colombian culture. 

Medellín has a lively nightlife scene and excellent restaurants that serve home-cooked-style meals, typical Colombian cuisine and Medellín’s local dish the Bandeja Paisa (a mixture of meats, potatoes, vegetables and other Colombian ingredients) – a dish you can’t leave the city without sampling. 

Medellín is an ideal place to visit year round, and there are direct flights from America and Colombia’s capital Bogota. Throughout the year Medellín has a large number of festivals and events including: the flower festival (July 29th – August 7th), fashion week (July 25th – July 27th) and Art Expo (Apr).  

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