Meet Liz! Our Newest Travel Ambassador | Packing Up And Moving To...?

Helllo hello party people! My name is Liz Stephenson, I am the newest member of the Transfer Travel Ambassador Team. Happy to be here. So let’s get straight to it, introductions, life story, and all that jazz. Currently I am parked at a Starbucks in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. YAAAAAWN. Does everyone feel that way about their home town? Like it’s the most boring place on earth? I can’t imagine the women in Paris sitting at a chic cafe, munching on macaroons and thinking how lame Paris is. Don’t buy it for a second. Back to Edmonton, it is 14 degrees celsius and I am freezing, which means that while I write this I also have approx. 10 tabs open on my laptop all with flight searches. Why? Because I am getting the hell outta here.

Growing up I never thought I would be super into travel, it just kinda happened. After seeing photos of other 18 year olds partying it up a The Full Moon Party, floating down Vang Vieng, or at the Bull Races in Madrid, I longed for those experiences. But to be fair, I was only 18 and it was more for the photo op than anything. My first big trip was to Spain where I did La Tomatina (hated it), and partied with Avicii in Ibiza. I wasn’t sold. Sure it was fun but I had gone with a travel group and it fell short ( we will definitely talk more about that later). I was in University at the time to become a school teacher, like the kind that works with kids. My plan was to finish my degree and spend the summer backpacking SE ASIA with my then boyfriend, before returning to Edmonton to settle down in a classroom.

Well life doesn’t like when you make your own plans.

My boyfriend and I broke up, and my whole life changed. I no longer wanted the white picket fence, instead I put a middle finger up to the world and did something crazy. At a teacher career fair, I accepted a job to go teach in Kuwait. Kuwait? Where’s that? Exactly what I asked myself when accepting the job. Kuwait borders Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and is shaped like Darth Vader. It’s the tiniest speck of land ever, and only an hour flight from Dubai. My job was to start in August 2014, but remember the SE ASIA trip? I wasn’t going to let that dream go due to a silly breakup. After graduation I backpacked SE ASIA for three months, returned home for a week and jumped on a plane to Kuwait. No idea how I had that much energy but I made it happen. Life in Kuwait was hard. I went through so many highs and lows, hating the place, my job, almost packing it in and booking a one way ticket back to Edmonton.

I stuck it out for two years, and due to school breaks I managed to see over 20 countries in those two years. I inadvertently became a “traveller”, and not the Irish Gypsy kind. During my second year in Kuwait I started The Tongue In Chic, a blog where I could be 100% myself and connect with like minded individuals worldwide. People said I was funny and seemed to like reading the blog, so I kept going with it and am almost at my 1 year anniversary.   Living abroad taught me two things : 1. I love hotels and 2. Life can be much cooler than a 9-5.

I’m in Edmonton right now. It’s September 16. BUT I’m outta here soon, and going to take a go at the “Digital Nomad” lifestyle. I’ll be blogging, writing, drinking coffee, and probably offending people, wherever I decide to go. Like I said, no white picket fences for me. Stay tuned for what comes next, I promise you’ll like it.


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Posted 22 September 2016

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