What To Do With Non-Refundable Hotel Bookings

As a general rule, it is always a great idea to read the Terms and Conditions of hotels before booking a room with a hotel. This is important because, though some hotels offer great deals on their rooms, a further look at the hotel’s T&Cs could reveal that these rooms once booked cannot be refunded. Therefore, unless you are absolutely sure there will be no significant alterations in your program in the days leading up to the maturity of your hotel booking – (of which nothing is really ever certain in this fast paced world of ours) , it is always a great idea to book rooms in hotels which accept ticket refunds.

Great as the aforementioned advice might be, it is probably of little worth to you who is already stuck with a nonrefundable hotel booking which due to circumstances cannot be used by you. Not to worry though! There is a great viable option which can ensure that you do not completely lose out on your hotel booking - TransferTravel.com
STEP 1: Check The Hotel’s Policy

I know for most of us it seems like a terrible burden to read the fine lines of hotel policies. These policies could however prove invaluable with respect to your available options on what to do with a nonrefundable hotel booking you can’t use. With some policies, the hotel booking is only nonrefundable within certain days to maturity. If your hotel booking is out of that range, it will be possible to cancel the booking and get a refund. This however often comes with a cancellation fee.

If the hotel booking is totally nonrefundable as per the T&Cs, your next option will be to find out if the hotel booking is transferable in name. Transferability in name implies that the hotel booking though nonrefundable can be transferred from one person to the other. Should this be possible, then you are in the clear because Transfer Travel got your back.
STEP 2: Sell Your Nonrefundable Hotel Booking On TransferTravel.com

TransferTravel.com is the world’s number one online marketplace for all things tickets, bookings and reservations related. The marketplace is buzzing with thousands of unique traders looking to buy and/or sell bookings, reservations and tickets. This therefore implies that there is no shortage of people on this virtual market who will be more than happy to rid you of that nonrefundable hotel booking. In fact the market has adapted so well that we are now having people who will have otherwise thrown away their nonrefundable bookings (which they can’t use), selling them at a premium. So don’t give up yet on that hotel booking which you apparently can’t use, transfertravel.com could be your portal to a small fortune.

All you need to do is signup or login, list the booking for sale, wait 72 hours and begin getting awesome offers on your nonrefundable but yet transferable hotel booking. Once you get that offer which suits you best, chat up with the person through our secure chat interface, reach a compromise, and carry out the final transfer procedures.

This procedure often involves calling the hotel to effect the transfer from your name to the buyer’s. And there you have it, ticket gone and wallet thick!


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Posted 18 December 2017

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