Official Update | Our Ryanair Care Plan - A Solution To Those Affected

> What Is Happening With Ryanair Cancellations Right Now?

Ryanair has cancelled over 2000 flights affecting up to 315, 000 passengers between mid September and the end of October. They have stated that they are cancelling 50 flights a day (which is less than 2%) over the next 6 weeks. A full list of cancelled flights has been updated on their website and can be found here. If your flight is not on the list or you have not been notified your Ryanair flight will be operating as usual. The cancellations have been done to accommodate for holiday time that pilots and other flight staff are taking because of a new change in the way that holidays are administered.
> How Can Help Those Affected

Unfortunately having a flight cancelled and rescheduling means that some people may be stuck with other non-refundable travel plans. This is where we can help, with the listing and transfer of a booking that can no longer be used. If Ryanair’s passengers have a booking that they can no longer use on a hotel or any other accommodation due to cancellations, they have the opportunity to sell and transfer their booking on

We advise all those affected that have pre-booked accommodation to check the terms & conditions with their travel providers transfer policy.
> How Can You Use Our Platform To Transfer Pre-booked Tickets?

Once users have checked the transfer policy with their travel providers, they can register to the website via their social login or email ID. It is both free to register and list their accommodation on the site.

Sellers will then wait to receive a message/ offer or a direct sale from a buyer in order to complete the transfer. In order to protect both buyer/seller, hold payments sent by the buyer until the seller has completed the transfer and the buyer has confirmed with that the transfer has been successful. Payment to the seller will only be released 24 hours after the buyer has checked in.

We understand that Ryanair are doing their best to help all those affected by flight cancellations, however, we are aware that many people will experience a ‘knock-on effect’ with additional reservations that they have booked alongside their flight tickets.”- Simon Powell

We hope that will be of help to those affected by the cancellations and we are happy that the site can be used as another avenue/opportunity for those currently at a loss by disruptions made by other travel providers.

The team are more than happy to take any questions people may have and offer help when we can.

If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us at








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Posted 27 September 2017

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