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The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing and it's my instant go-to when I'm thinking of booking upcoming trips. I have a HUGE bucketlist so I tick off countries as I go, and I've really been into city breaks these past few years (I've visited 38 cities since 2014!) so I'm aiming to fit in a few more over the coming 12 months. Here's how I prepare for my adventures...

1. Pre-Book Your Airport Transfers

I can't recommend this enough!! It does depend on where you go, but taxis are generally expensive and sometimes winging it and just jumping in a cab at the airport can end up costing you a lot! I tend to pre book my airport transfers either with the flight operator or by using - really good rates and they are updated with any flight changes or delays automatically, meaning you won't miss your pre booked transfer - winner!

2. Choose Accommodation Carefully, Location Location Location...

I generally choose my accommodation based on location. For me, location is the most important factor when looking at hotels etc. I ALWAYS use google maps to work out the distance between the hotel and the main landmarks or tourist attractions, as well as local bars, restaurants and cafes to ensure that I'm not going to be staying in the middle of nowhere! When booking city breaks this is crucial for me, and my top tip is to make sure that everything you want to see and do in your holiday destination is a max 30 min walk away so you can save money on taxi fare!

3. Pack light

This probably goes without saying, but packing light can help save pennies when it comes to flying. Most airlines give you a personal allowance of a small handbag plus a carry on bag for free when you're travelling, you just have to pay extra for each suitcase that is put in hold. If I'm going on a quick weekend break, I always try to just take my hand bag and carry on case and avoid taking a suitcase- this saves money and time when queuing at the airport as there's no need to wait for bag drop, just stroll straight through to departures! Obviously every airline is different and they each have their own rules and allowances, so look them up before you fly to avoid any unwanted charges at check in!

4. Be Flexible With Dates

This might not always be possible, but it really helps to be flexible with your dates when travelling, especially if you don't need to stick to a strict itinerary. If you're wanting to fly out on a Saturday or Sunday, see if you can fly out on a Monday instead; its well known that weekday flights are cheaper weekend flights, so take advantage and save some pennies too. If you're not bothered about what time you fly, you may also save money on flights by taking journeys at 'unsociable' hours - so do your research and pick up a flight bargain if you're flexible!
5. Go Out Of Season

Flying is stressful at any time of year, but even more so when it's super busy and there's airport queues that stretch for miles. Although airports are generally ALWAYS busy, avoiding peak times like kids school holidays or bank holiday weekends will generally help a little. You could even look into alternative methods of transport; why not hop on the Eurostar to Paris instead of flying? Or get to a port and catch a cruise around the Med instead? Travelling to your holiday destination is all part of the adventure, but it doesn't have to all be 'plane' sailing.

So there we have it, I swear by these rules when booking my trips and they seem to have worked pretty well for me so far! How do you book your trips? Don't forget to check out TransferTravel for some last minute holiday bargains!

By Jessica from Journeys With Jessica

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Posted 15 November 2016

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