How To Prepare For A Last Minute Weekend Break

We all know the saying Thank Goodness It’s Friday (TGIF). For some people this might not hold true as they are unsure on how to go about booking for a last minute weekend break. Don't worry because we at transfertravel have got your back and will be providing you with the best techniques to book last minute weekend breaks on a budget.

Though popular opinion holds that booking for travels and accommodation on the spur of the moment could be very expensive as compared to an earlier booking, we beg to differ. Last minute bookings and reservations could leave you with the best deals ever should you know exactly what to do. Below is our guide on how to book last minute weekend breaks on a budget.

How to prepare for a last minute weekend break

Go For A Package Deal

Ever heard of “cheaper by the dozen”? That too applies when booking a last minute weekend break. When going on weekend breaks, you are probably going to need to make provisions for lodging and feeding amongst other things. Most package deals offer a bigger discount on packages than the sum of individual discounts on each deal. So instead of booking for each of these separately, you could save a lot just booking a full holiday package.

How to prepare for a last minute weekend break

Be Flexible

Flexibility while trying to book last minute weekend breaks could either make or break your budget. By being flexible, you dramatically increase your range of available options with respect to destination and accommodation. This opens you up to a wide variety of better deals from which to pick that which suits you best. Inflexibility could see you spending considerably more for the same experience you will have had at a lower price in a different destination. To see the best weekend deals currently trending, login to and choose from over a thousand available weekend destinations.

How to prepare for a last minute weekend break

Avoid Travelling On Work Days

Last minute weekend travels could be so much fun to both you and your wallet when it coincides with an off day. On most off days in America and across Europe, flight and travel agencies often lower their rates as few people travel on such days. You are also most likely to have ample leg space and even a seat for your bag due to the low velocity of people travelling. Plus, there is the added advantage of few kids travelling on such days. It doesn’t get better than an off day for last minute weekend travels.


Know The Best Site From Which To Get The Best Deals -

There are hundreds of travel websites and secondhand booking marketplaces online with each promising the best deals. However, some of these sites sell at comparatively higher rates than on the original sites offering the service. The number one online marketplace for the purchase of all things last minute is This is a vibrant market place with thousands of traders in the hospitality industry selling off everything from flight tickets to cruises at very cheap rates.

At, there is every assurance that tickets, reservations and accommodations bought are excellent deals. Login, and let us help you get that weekend you have always dreamt of on a budget.


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Posted 31 January 2018

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