The Pros & Cons Of Airbnb

In the passing of each year the world becomes more digitalised, and with that, physical travel agents are slowly becoming a dying breed.

Unlike in the past, people now have an increasing need and desire to have everything done in an instant and this includes booking holidays.

AirBnB was born in the movement of this digital age and has swept through the market with its seemingly easiness and popularity.

Here’s why...

An AirBnB can be more than just a place to lay your head at the end of your day. It’s  also a real opportunity to discover hidden gems about your holiday destination. Whether just renting a room in London, an apartment in New York  or a chalet in Austria, many hosts like to offer their own suggestions to take you off the beaten track, suggest less crowded restaurants or even personally give you your own tour around their home.

Returning to the theme of convenience, AirBnb is generally aimed towards the budget traveller wanting to enjoy a more ‘homely’ experience in a new city. This gives the ultimate benefit of saving pennies for exploring a new location and being able to come home from a day of exploring to the comfort of  home from home.

Just like in a hotel, hosts are always on hand to deal with any situations you may find yourself in: such as a broken shower,or a faulty TV.

Despite all of these benefits, sometimes convenience can come at a price.

Many can sometimes can overlook the size of the accommodation, hidden cleaning costs and even the chosen location. It is so important that bookings are looked into carefully to avoid completely destroying a holiday before it has even started.

Staying on topic it’s important to stay on top of emails and look out for any messages from your host/ Occasionally they can cancel last minute due to renting regulations in their home town.

For those who like convenience, AirBnB may not be the one for you. If cooking and making your own bed in the morning isn't your cup of tea then it may be best to avoid. Late check outs are often  not always possible and you may find yourself carrying your luggage  around various cities whilst waiting for a late flight.

All in all I think that for the side of convenience AirBnB is an obvious choice for all types of traveller, whether it be for a long weekend or several weeks providing everything is thoroughly thought through and you've attained all possible information regarding your visit!


Posted 29 March 2018

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