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Reinventing The Last Minute Travel Industry

Is the last-minute travel market, actually last-minute?

“Last-minute travel” is generally defined as travel taking place within about 14 days from when you booked.” -Yuki Hayashi (

Today, it is mostly defined by how much panic we experience whilst booking it.  A family of four would feel that 6 weeks prior is last-minute compared to a traveller booking the day before (using the scale of chaos).

The world of online travel has risen significantly over the last 5 years and the options we are given to book travel is as diverse as booking someones spare room and calling it a BnB, to renting a stranger’s car and passing it off as a legit car rental. Years ago we chose the last-minute travel option because along with running around town for a bikini, we got the cheapest deals. Now the last-minute deals tend to be more expensive as airlines know that people travel easier, businessmen no longer classify travel as a burden but instead a way of networking, expansion and dare say it, a necessity.

“From my experience, it’s not generally the cheapest. Getting a great deal long in advance for prepaid rates at saver level for airplanes or hotel is usually pro-rata cheaper. However, you surrender flexibility – and of course, it’s not ‘always’ the cheapest.

When there are events on, e.g. World Cup in football, where events and plans can change due to the vagaries of results, often pre-paying and pre-booking is NOT the cheapest. Properties and agents rely on customers paying more for the supply because the demand is high, so when surprise results happen, travel can be very, very cheap. – Shaun Clark ( is the only peer-to-peer platform that allows people to sell their unwanted travel plans to an audience of international sellers looking to purchase genuine last-minute deals. The site not only accommodates for all types of travel bookings, it also allows travellers to purchase travel plans that could be departing from as soon as 3 days prior – reinventing the genuine last-minute travel market.

One of the features of the marketplace is the instant messaging tool between peers that you can also use to make offers, benefitting both the buyers and the sellers. Sellers will have the opportunity make some, or all of their money back on bookings that would otherwise go wasted whilst buyers will purchase plans at discounts that have been agreed by both parties…essentially creating custom offers.

In order to appeal to more users, sellers are reducing the cost of their unwanted pre-booked travel and willing to accept offers from buyers that are looking to purchase the ticket last minute each side getting the result that they had intended when looking to use

By Jenna Heidstrom, Brand Manager