The Rise of The Silent Traveller

In this blog, we reveal how the increase of digital travel results in the rise of silent travellers. We no longer need to speak to travel agents or call up booking sites, now we head over to our preferred apps (after seeking travel inspo’ from our Instagram feeds) and voilà… that’s your travel plans booked for the Summer!

What is a Silent Traveller?

Imagine going to your local supermarket, getting everything you need and heading to the faceless zone of the self-checkout service. A Silent Traveller is exactly the same concept, preferring to interact with technology over people. The travel industry is creating more online and mobile tools to minimise and streamline how people book travel.

With customer interaction slowly fizzling out, what are the positives and negatives of an increasingly dependent online/mobile travel industry?

One positive for the mobile-first travel consumer is the minimal fuss that comes with booking online. Streamlined to the simplest form of UX (user experience), WiFI lovers can find all the information they need available on online. Need inspiration for your next travel destination? Head over to your Instagram feed.

“In a survey conducted on Instagram, the platform is the go-to social network for 48% of people who want to choose destinations to visit on their next getaway. 35% of them use Instagram to get inspired and discover new places.” (TrekkSoft, Aug 2017) Whilst travelling you can also become an influencer, sharing your experiences is an opportunity to inspire where your followers choose to travel to next!

Another positive is no longer needing to print out all of your booking confirmations prior to your trip (Hallelujah!). Gone are the days of standing at departures trying to organise all your confirmation print outs in the order that you need first. Gone are the days of forgetting to print out your flight ticket and having to spend €100 in Ibiza Airport to ask the staff at departures to produce your ticket! Now you have the option to store all your travel confirmations on your mobile! Please note the following …1. Your phone is fully charged and 2. Take a portable charger with you (just in case!)

The negatives of digital travel? Surely there isn’t any?! Well if you have no WiFi or internet access you might find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation, however, you will be able to find WiFi ANYWHERE these days…even on the bus!

The most obvious negative is no longer interacting with any humans whilst booking your travel. You no longer have a need to speak to a travel agent and you can even bypass the EasyJet staff completely once you are at departures. If you have been in Gatwick Airport recently, you will notice the online bag drop, a machine that allows you to put your hold luggage onto the plane yourself. The only time you need to speak to any member of staff at EasyJet is if you are putting weirdly long or super heavy luggage onto the plane, other than that online check-in and bag drop means you will only interact with a member of staff at the boarding gate!

How do you see the future of travel now we no longer require human interaction?


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Posted 30 January 2018

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