When In Rome…. Original // Hidden Local Treasures To Discover & Explore In Rome

TransferTravel’s resident travel ambassador, Jess recently came back from a whirlwind trip to Italy! Whilst visiting the romantic city of Rome, she hit all the top sights to see and has given us great reviews on each attraction. From the curious to the unique we’ve scoured the web and found some awesome alternatives that should round up any trip to Rome and compliment Jess’s picks!

Rome: the Eternal City. One of the most beautiful places on planet earth, and one of the most historic too. Rome boasts over 2000 years of ancient history, with crumbling ruins and iconic monuments on every corner, the city is like an open air museum with so much to see and do.

1. The Original: The Trevi Fountain // The Hidden: Tour Rome on A Vespa!

The Original

Trevi Fountain: Completed in 1762, The Trevi Fountain is a stunning piece of Baroque architecture which took 30 years to build. Designed by Romanc architect Nicola Salvi, the Fountain stands at over 80ft high and spills 80,000 cubic metres of water every day. The Fountain looks truly stunning both day and night and is one of the focal points of Rome and is brimming with local restaurants, souvenir shops and ice cream parlours.

The Hidden

Vespa Tour: "Obviously everyone’s dream when visiting Rome is to meet a real Italian, fall in love, and ride through the country on the back of his or her scooter. Luckily, Scooteroma Tours makes this that much easier with a variety of private tours (including a foodie one!) through the streets of Rome…on the back of an authentic Vespa scooter!" What a dream this would be and such a unique and local way to see the city." (Ultimate Hipster Guide To Rome by Adam from Travels Of Adam)

2. The Original: The Colosseum // The Hidden: Learn How To Make Authentic Pasta

The Original

The Colosseum: Originally known as the Flavian Ampitheatre, The Colosseum was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in 73 AD and was finished by his son Titus in 80 AD. The Colosseum was built as an entertainment venue hosting events such as gladiator fights and public executions. At maximum capacity, over 55000 spectators entered the venue through 80 different arched entrances and were seated according to rank. Nowadays The Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy and visitors can take guided or self guided tours around the arena to learn all about its incredible history.

The Hidden

Pasta Making: Learn how to cook (& eat) pasta from an Italian local. Enjoy prosecco, as well as wine and appetisers during the class. Head over to www.walksofitaly.com/rome-tours/ to book your masterclass at the cost of 64 Euros pp.

3. The Original: Roman Forum // The Hidden: Explore Rome's Ancient Catacombs

The Original

Roman Forum: Located right next to the Colloseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill is another of Rome's famous tourist attractions, with millions of visitors attending from all over the world year after year. Dating back to 6th century BC, the Forum is full of ancient history and some of Rome's most famous monuments, including the Arch of Constantine and the Temple of Vesta, can still be seen on site. Visitors can wander around both the Forum and Palatine Hill to discover the ancient ruins of the Roman world, the hub of social activity during its time, and catch a glimpse of the rest of the city from above with stunning views across to the Colosseum too.

The Hidden

Catacombs: The Catacombs of Rome are a mini subterranean city of burial places (Perhaps go with a friend for this one!) As the official cemetery of the Church of Rome, in it were buried tens of martyrs, 16 popes and many Christians. This local hidden treasure is full of religious and spiritual significance, and the tour is filled with steep staircases, alleys and chambers. The most famous of the catacombs are San Sebastiano, San Callisto, Domitilla and Priscilla.  Don’t miss the early examples of Christian art that cover the chamber walls! You can book your tour on Dark Rome’s website, darkrome.com/rome-tours/.

4. The Original: Spanish Steps // The Hidden: Visit The Municipal Rose Gardens

The Original

Spanish Steps: Considering Rome has thousands of years worth of history, this monumental stairway is one of the more modern attractions of the city, although it still dates back to 1725! Made up of 135 steps, the steep slope leads up to the Piazza Trinita dei Monti from the bottom of Piazza di Spagna and is dominated by the stunning Trinita dei Monti Church right at the top. The Steps are located at the heart of one of Rome's most luxurious shopping districts and make a pleasant place to escape from the hustle and bustle that can be found by the other landmarks.

The Hidden

Rose Gardens: Home to over 1100 varieties of rose and a labyrinth of paths this is the ideal place to sit back and experience Rome like a local. Visit in late spring to see the roses in full bloom in both the lower and upper gardens. The unique varieties of rose that live in these gardens were gifts from countries all over the world (how cute!)

5. The Original: The Pantheon // The Hidden: Take a Mouthwatering Food Tour of Rome 

The Original

Pantheon: First built in 118AD, the Pantheon is a former Roman temple that is now used as a church. Its circular shape and Corinthian pillars make it one of the most iconic buildings in Roman history, and the unreinforced concrete dome is still the largest of its kind almost 2000 years after it was built. The Pantheon is one of the best preserved buildings in Rome and is visited by millions of tourists annually. Piazza della Rotunda, the square in front of the Pantheon, is brimming with restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and ice cream parlours and is a holidaymakers haven.

The Hidden

Food Tour: What could be better than eating like a local in Rome? There are lots of different companies offering foodie tours of rome. Everything from gelato tours, to pizzerias. If you want a taste of Italy, we strongly advise wearing elasticated trousers and be prepared embrace the food coma’s! Now pass me over the pasta and cue the tiramisu …. Arrivederci!

Thanks for reading and we hope that you can visit not only Rome’s top attractions but some hidden local stops as well. Let us know if you happen to uncover any secret treasures and don’t forget to tag your photos @transfertravel and #transfertravelstories - we would love for you to share your experience!

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Posted 5 October 2016

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